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Elliptical Mats

Elliptical Mats Keep Your Body and Your Home Floors in Tip-Top Shape!

Person doing a push up on a shock absorbent rubber floorAs you pump your legs and arms while on your elliptical to get in shape, the floors underneath and around your elliptical machine may be getting damaged out of shape. Being such a heavy and clunky piece of machinery, elliptical machines could do some major damage to your home flooring.

Elliptical mats (sometimes misspelled as elitptical mat!) can prevent most of the possible damages to your underlying floors, as well as reduce harmful vibrations and irritating noises. Here are three reasons why a rubber mat for elliptical machines is a great functional matting solution:

  1. Floor Grip: When you operate an elliptical machine, you shift your weight laterally across the machine. This shift in weight and balance causes a rocking motion in the machine, which can cause the entire machine to shuffle across the floor. Provided that elliptical machines are pretty heavy, this shuffling could significantly damage your flooring, more so if you have hardwood.

    Elliptical mats are made of rubber, a material that has great traction. Utilizing the traction of a mat for elliptical machines helps in keeping the elliptical stationary. Since both sides of the mat are rubber, the mat will not shuffle along the ground nor will the elliptical shuffle across the mat.

  2. Tuff-Flex rubber floor under a man sitting on a purple exercise ball lifting a dumbbellProtective Barrier For Your Floors: An elliptical mat obviously acts as a barrier between the elliptical machine and your floor. After a vigorous session on your elliptical, you may be dripping in sweat which could possibly get all over your floors. A mat placed under the machine can shield the floor from your salty sweat.

    The rubber mat also protects the floor from the machine’s lubricant. When companies manufacture elliptical machines, grease lubricant is applied to the gears and mechanisms to ensure the machine runs smoothly. After constant use and the normal passage of time, the lubricant will inevitably start to leak out. A mat for elliptical machines will ensure that the lubricant will not stain and damage your home floors.

  3. Shock Absorbency: As I mentioned before, using an elliptical entails a shifting of weight, left to right and up and down. This repeated shift in weight and balance reverberates into the machine, causing vibrations and irritating noise.

    By placing a mat for elliptical machines, you can reduce the vibrations and rattling that result from a shaking elliptical machine. Rubber’s natural shock-absorbent capability disperses the shakes of the elliptical into the area of the mat, thereby reducing vibration and noise.

Keep your body and your floors in shape by utilizing elliptical mats. Rubber mats are an inexpensive solution to preempt costly and frustrating floor repairs. The durability and resilience of an eliptical mat (did you notice that was spelled incorrectly? It’s hard isn’t it!) will most likely outlast the life of your elliptical machine. If and when your machine breaks down, you could throw the rubber mat under your new one!