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Rubber Gym Tiles

Rubber Gym Tiles Make Setting Up a DIY Home Gym Easy - Here’s How!

Gym equipment over Rubber-Cal Interlocking Rubber TilesCan rubber gym tiles be the answer to your compiled week of stress and fatigue? For me the newest place to leave the tension of the day is on rubber gym flooring tiles. Gym flooring is an inanimate object that is designed to take abuse, impact, abrasion and stay sturdy.

Read on for 5 quick and easy steps to setting up your home gym!

  • Step 1: Decide what type of activities you will be doing and what type of equipment you will use...This will vary for each person! Some people prefer intense cardio, like gliding on an elliptical machine, others prefer resistance training, some like weightlifting, and some yoga. The more heavy and varied the equipment, the thicker rubber gym tiles you should consider. Subfloor fortification is one important role for any gym floor. You want to make sure that your permanent floors are well protected. Also, gym equipment is expensive, hence why safeguarding your investment from dings and bumps is an important role for rubber floors. Materials from 1/8- inch to 1-inch thickness is available based on your needs!
  • Step 2: Decide how much room you will need for those activities If you’re a weightlifter, you understand that you will need enough space to put that bench or a modern all-in-one home gym machine. Getting the foot-print of the equipment from the owner’s manual will give you some idea of the space needed. Make sure you have a lot some space between the equipment so that there is room for error if plates falls from the rack. Account for areas to stretch, do push-ups, sit-ups, or just rest! One nice thing about interlocking gym floor tiles is that they can grow with your needs. You can add or re-adjust existing tiles if your routine changes.
  • Step 3: Calculate how much space there is, in area! The formula for finding the “area” of any rectangle or square space is length x width. Most rooms are just that easy to measure. If you have a 14 ft. wide by 20 ft. wide room, then the area of the room is 280 square feet. If your space is a rectangle then measure out the dimensions of the space you plan to use, and multiply the two numbers. This will give you a total area. If you room is shaped otherwise, call us we would be more than happy to help.
  • Rubber Tile floor under Kettlebells, a punching bag, and other exercise equipment outsideStep 4: Calculate how many rubber gym tiles you need to fill the area To figure out how may tiles you need you would divide the area of the space by the total area in one tile. For example let’s assume that each one of our interlocking gym floor tiles is 4 square feet. If your space measured up to, for example, 280 square feet, you would simply divide 280 by 4 to get the total number of tiles you need! In this case you will need 70 tiles. We suggest that you purchase a few more tiles just in case you plan on cutting some of the tiles. This will ensure that you do not experience a shortage. The cost of purchasing 4-to-5 tiles, including their shipping charges, is sometimes alarmingly high!
  • Step 5: Place your order! You can order your rubber gym flooring tiles either directly online through our web store, or by calling a friendly Rubber-Cal sales associates!

Once your shipment of quality rubber gym tiles has arrived, then it’s time to check out the next step which is installation of the tiles. If you choose our interlocking gym floor tiles then you are only minutes away from setting up your home gym!

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Do you come home from work tired and leave the next morning even worse? Well, did you know that exercising regularly can actually give you MORE energy? That’s right! Regular exercise encourages physical excellence, so that even when you’re not moving, your body is still awake. One way you can get active is to turn part of your home into a fitness area which I highly suggest it. It is a handy location for workouts. My routine is less about sweat and more about the calm that I feel when I get my rhythm on the treadmill, or if lucky, on the track! The workout releases tensions, removes some of the ugliness of the day from my mind, and wears me out into a calm and sound sleep. That’s right, I sleep better when I workout! I leave the tension on my rubber gym tiles.