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Elliptical Machine Mat

A Good Elliptical Mat Absorbs Shock and Vibration!

Exercise machines on an unrolled elephant bark rubber floorThe elliptical is one of the most popular fitness equipment machines, and for good reason- it is a true fitness powerhouse! Versatile, easy to use, and consistently challenging, the elliptical has risen to become standard at all public and institutional gyms. Elliptical workouts also reduce the impact on your knees and joints. In lieu of running, all other things being equal, the elliptical can extend the life of your legs! Gym-goers who go straight for the elliptical love the fact that they can tailor their workout to personal goals and physical abilities. Because of this, the elliptical has also become one of the most popular home gym equipment machines!

The modern-day elliptical machine was invented by the Precor Company, which specializes in cardio fitness equipment. One story says that a man named Larry D. Miller invented a more modern upgrade of the machine when he videotaped his daughter running alongside a moving car and got a bright idea upon watching how her legs moved with the wheels of the car. The circular motion of the elliptical machine makes it easier on limbs and joints because of the reduced impact. Treadmills imitate the pounding force of running in addition to the cardio workout, elliptical machines can produce similar levels of cardio exercise without the repeated joint and muscle strain. The elliptical imitates the movement of bicycling in a standing position. When bicyclists go uphill, they leave their seat and stand-up as they pedal, that is precisely the posture and the leg motion that a person on an elliptical repeats.

Elephant Bark Rubber flooring under gym equipmentHowever, just because elliptical machines can reduce the force exercised from running, it doesn’t mean that it entirely absorbs it. There is still some energy that is transferred from the exerciser to the ground below. This is where an elliptical machine mat comes in handy! A sturdy rubber exercise machine floor mat can be purchased for almost any type of gym equipment. Specifically, an elliptical mat can absorb the vibrations that naturally result from any workout. It doesn’t necessarily have to be as thick as a treadmill mat, because it is not absorbing quite so much impact, but it does still have to be a good thickness to dampen the noise and soften the vibrations. Those vibrations, in addition to being annoying for yourself and your downstairs neighbors, can also be damaging to your machine’s inner mechanical parts! The repeated impact can throw things off balance on the interior of the machine. Your subfloor is also protected by the use of an elliptical mat. Wood floors, tile, and terra-cotta tiles can be fragile and easily marked. The use of a rubber elliptical machine mat will protect your investment at a very affordable cost. Think about it; your elliptical machine is such a great workout partner; it lets you work out as hard or as relaxed as you want; and for however long it never complains. But the machine works just as hard as you do. Isn’t it time you gave it some cushion for all that work?