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Weight Room Floors

Weight Room Floors Can Help Cushion Your Strength Workout!

Shark Tooth Mat under a purple exercise ball and 2 weighted pink ballsMany people don’t realize it but throwing around dumbbells on weight-room floors is a vital part of any workout!
People who work out to burn calories and lose weight often stick to treadmills because it’s generally well known that intense cardio pumps more calories out. However, strength training is also key for weight loss! Not only are you actively burning calories while lifting, you are also building muscle. Muscle works much harder than fat, so adding on extra muscle mass can help you burn calories even when your body is operating at equilibrium while you watch television or sleep! An informative article at Elements4Health details the various health benefits of lifting weights, check out a few of the great reasons they give to get moving and get your feet on those weight room floors!

Better Muscle Strength

  • You are less likely to lose muscle mass if you consistently challenge yourself by using weights! Losing muscle mass can become dangerous because it weakens adults as they age, so it is important to get a head start and firm up early on! In other words, it’s never too early to wear out your weight-lifting rubber mats.

Weight Loss

  • Strength training can really prevent body fat from accumulating around your inner organs! This is because strength training uses your core abdominal muscles. When these are engaged, it’s becomes tough for those fat cells to just sit there! Running or cardio alone is probably not sufficient.

Tennis player sitting on top of shark tooth matInjury Prevention and Protection

  • Athletic injuries often occur due to physical weakness. By toning and firming muscles, you are training them to respond with strength when your body needs it. Also, muscle is dense than fat which means it is also more effective at cushioning falls.

Healthy Bones

  • Stronger muscles can actually help build stronger bones as well! If you have strong bone mass and density, it reduces the chances of osteoporosis and other complications later in life. When your muscles start working hard consistently, it signals your bones to strengthen up too!

With benefits like these it’s easy to motivate yourself to get active! One way you can do so is to head on over to your local public gym and utilize their weight rooms. Standard weight rooms have different machines for you to do whatever exercise best suits your level, as well as padded weights mats and dumbbells in various sizes. If you don’t feel like heading to the gym, why not set up a strength training area in your own home? You don’t even need the fancy equipment—all you need is good flooring and a couple of dumbbells. Weight lifting rubber mats, designed specifically for gyms, will cushion your joints and protect your floors. Once you’ve taken care of your body, it’s time to get lifting!