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Our Eco-Friendly Workout Mats Keep You and the World in Great Shape!

Exercise bike on Recycled Rubber Flooring near two dumbbells and a water bottleUsing eco-friendly workout mats is an excellent way to care for your body and the environment. You’ve probably seen pictures of excessive deforestation in the Amazon. Or maybe you’ve seen video clips of the glacial chunks of ice melting away at our polar ice caps. Wherever you turn, the effects of global climate change are apparent.

Although climate change is a natural process, human activities have set the world off-balance at an alarming rate. Pollution, deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels are detrimental to the atmosphere, to the world and to us. The world is hurting, and it’s in our hands as citizens of the world to do our part, however miniscule or prodigious our efforts may be.

Taking baby steps towards eco-consciousness in our daily routines is a great start to help heal the world. Driving an electric car, recycling and even turning off the lights in your house are small ways to make a big difference. When you work out, flooring options like recycled rubber could be your prime eco-conscious choice. Especially considering they are less expensive and very durable!

Home Workout Exercise equipment on a Recycled rubber matEco-conscious rubber workout mats are made of recycled and reclaimed tires, the same ones you see rolling down the freeway. Before there was any regulation regarding tire disposal, rubber tires were either shipped to landfills or sent to tire stockpiles to be stored or burned. The problem is that there are so many tires that are discarded every year, forcing disposal companies to burn the tires to free up space for more waste. Of course, the burning of the tires releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, affecting the world’s eco-system.

Today, governments and regulatory committees around the world have made great strides to recycle tires. In 1990, 11 million tires were recycled and sent back to market; in 2003, 233 million scrap tires were sent back to market. ( The recycled rubber is reused in many applications like asphalt, the soles of shoes and mulch.

Eco-consciousness may not be the first priority when you work out; flooring and matting choices don’t loom over your head as much as that carne asada burrito you just gobbled. The good news is that our eco-friendly workout mats also function to benefit you in your workout. The traction of the rubber surface keeps you from slipping all over the place and also prevents the mat from sliding under you. The impact-absorbent quality of rubber also protects you body from harmful stress and strain. With eco-friendly mats, you can keep yourself and the world in shape.