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Protective Rubber Mats

Protective Rubber Mats Can Prevent the Infamous Washer-Dryer "Walk"

Shark Tooth rubber mat under washing machine and dryerDespite how far human civilization has advanced technologically, many of the items we use daily fail to work just as we intend them to. You might find yourself smacking a noncompliant TV remote control or kicking a stubborn dishwasher. We’ve all been there, and we usually handle the situation with aplomb by buying a new TV remote control and—dare I say—hand-washing dishes! But are you prepared to deal with a walking washer and dryer? Before you cry “Laundry!”, stop washers and dryers in their tracks with protective rubber flooring.

First of all, how do washers and dryers “walk”? Consider the mechanical movements and functions of said laundry appliances. To wash and dry clothes the machines agitate the clothing by shaking back and forth and spinning at hundreds of revolutions per second. Despite how heavy a washer and dryer are, the machines often vibrate enough to tap dance their way across the floor.

What may seem like an innocent stroll across your laundry room floor can actually be a full load of problems. When such hefty machines travel across your tile or laminate wood floor, the vibrations can substantially damage the surface of your floor, leaving you with some hefty repair bills. The rattling of the machines on hard surfaces can possibly even damage the washer and dryer themselves. Do I even have to mention how irritatingly loud the machine vibrations can get?

Close up of the Shark Tooth Mat under washing machine and dryerSliding some floor protector mats under your washer and dryer is an easy DIY solution to keep your fidgety laundry appliances stationary. The floor mats are made of recycled rubber and act as a durable physical barrier between your appliances and the floor. The rubber mat doubly serves to level uneven ground, a symptom of some floors that allows for “walking” washers and dryers.

However, the prime feature of protective rubber mats is its vibration-reducing quality. The compositional structure of rubber is inherently absorbent of shocks and impacts. This ability allows the mat to dampen the vibrations of the frenetic machines, reducing “walking” as well as annoying noises. For good measure, the floor protector mats’ anti-slip surface helps the machines stay put like they should.

Utilizing protective rubber mats is an easy flooring solution to what can potentially be a very messy problem. Since the mats offer vibration reduction and anti-slip qualities, there is little chance that your washer and dryer will damage your floor with their infamous shimmy. And given rubber’s durability, you can be sure the floor protector mats will last for many spin cycles to come.