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Protection Mats

Protection Mats Help Prevent Damage to Tools, Floors and Your Body!

Hand truck with box on coin grip rubber floor of warehouseNo matter how skilled and experienced a handyman or handywoman you may be, there is always a risk of a mishap or accident. Various factors can alter what was just another slow Sunday morning working in your tool shed. Aside from someone’s general clumsiness, someone could slip on a wet spot on the floor. That kid from next door could even send a wayward ball towards you as you work with your hands!

To protect your tools and floors from an unforeseen, damaging incident, set up protection mats around your workshop area. Here are 3 reasons why it’s important to install protective floor coverings:

  1. Protects tools and equipment:

    As heavy-duty as many hand tools and power tools claim to be, they are still—essentially—well-designed hunks of metal with moving parts and delicate inner mechanisms. Drop one of those bad boys on a hard, concrete surface and something is bound to shake loose or break entirely.

    Floor protection mats are made of thick, solid rubber and act as a shock-absorber that can reduce the damage inflicted on tools and equipment. Rubber inherently has a degree of flex which can cushion that reciprocating saw that slipped out of your hands.

  2. Protects floors:

    Shark tooth mat under very heavy equipmentThe shock-absorbent properties of rubber serve not only your tools and equipment but also your floors. As previously mentioned, protective floor coverings are very sturdy and resilient, making it a tough, impact-resistant barrier between a descending power drill and your workshop floors.

    Our rubber floor mats are relatively heavy, which makes installation as easy as laying it down where needed. However, the mats are still mobile enough to relocate wherever your workstation may be. Make sure to bend your knees!

  3. Protects you:

    Rubber has grip. That’s why it’s on the bottoms of most shoes and why most vehicles use rubber tires. When dealing with tools heavy enough to knock you unconscious and sharp enough to cut metal, it’s important that you maintain your posture and balance as you work.

    Aside from being protective floor coverings, rubber flooring mats function to increase toehold and balance. Rubber’s high coefficient of friction offers tack underfoot while the mat’s raised surface textures increases resistance and points of contact for more stability. I’m sure you’d rather have a wrench in your hand than an IV needle.

Rubber protection mats prevent damage to your tools, your floors and most importantly, your own body. Impact-absorbency combined with slip-resistance promotes a safer work area when you’re fiddling with your power tools. And, noting the durability of rubber, you can definitely be sure that you’ll be fiddling with your power tools for many more lazy Sundays.