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Rubber Protective Matting

Protective Matting Will Protect your Floors and Your Wallet!

Blue hand truck resting on Diamond Grip flooring holding a roll of rubber flooringSafeguarding floors with rubber protective matting can help prevent natural wear and impact-induced abrasions to floors. A protective floor mat will act as a cushiony, physical barrier between the floor and other objects due to rubber’s natural impact-absorbent property. All in all, a rubber mat is an inexpensive, highly mobile and durable investment that’ll stave off costly repair bills.

Certain applications would greatly benefit from using the floor rubber mats particularly areas prone to impact and constant wear. Here are a couple of applications that could use a tough, rubber floor mat:

  • Hallways and entryways: As solid as concrete and tile may seem, they are not indestructible materials. Similar to any other material, constant wear and tear combined with intermediate factors like water can easily deform hard floor surfaces. In areas, like hallways and entryways, that receive heavy foot traffic floor damage is imminent, especially if carpet, wood, or laminate flooring is present.

    Floor pads placed at such areas reduce the incident, or at the very least the severity, of abrasive damage to floors. The rubber floor mats doubly function to provide traction underfoot, even amidst moist or wet conditions. We offer runners whose lengths are up to fifty continuous feet and we also offer custom fabricated lengths. This allows for a seamless installation that reduces the movement of the possible moisture and dirt below the surface. Temporary protective floor covering is cost-effective, easy to install and for seasonal applications is a great way to save existing floors.

  • Recycled rubber used for a home gym floor with dumbbells on topGym and fitness areas: Anytime concentrated amounts of weight are being picked up and dropped, there is the possibility of something getting damaged, namely the floor. For this reason, home and commercial gyms and fitness centers place protective matting anywhere weights are being lifted or where any other heavy-machinery is being operated. Rubber mats are watertight and mold and mildew resistant which are vital hygienic features to combat the potential issues posed by sweat.

  • Transient events: The mobility of rubber mats and runners is commonly utilized during events like weddings, conventions or catering events. The protection offered by rubber mats reduces the chance of liability costs resulting from damaging the floors of a rented facility. The carpet or rubber flooring mats also serves as a form of visual demarcation for walkways. This type of protective matting is a great way to keep crowds away from spaces that are supposed to be closed off.

  • Workshops: Hands-on activities like woodworking, welding and pottery require a multitude of tools and equipment for a craftsman to perform their tasks. Heavy or not, such objects pose a threat to the floor beneath if they are mishandled and dropped. A rubber mat serves as a barrier between the floor and any airborne parts, protecting both the tools and floor from any substantial damage. The mat also serves as an anti-fatigue surface to rest feet on, a pleasant bonus to an already-functional mat.

Rubber protective floor mats act as a shock-absorbent buffer that can protect the floors in virtually any application. Depending on the particular application, several of the rubber mat’s functional traits emerge like slip-resistance and cushion. Rubber flooring acting as temporary floor covering can preempt costly floor repairs and remain durable through physical abuse and weathering. Rubber mats and flooring protect not only floors but also wallets!