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Protector Mat

A Rubber Protector Mat Can Protect Floors From Hefty Home Appliances!

Close up of dryer feet on a protective rubber matFloor repairs can be a pain in the butt. Handymen may strap on the tool belt and get to work, spending time and effort to complete a repair, but for the individual who still doesn’t know which side of the hammer to hit with there is the nightmare of costly repair bills and an unhygienic repairman.

Avoiding floor repairs requires preventative action. A rubber protector mat is an accessory that can effectively prevent scuffs, scratches and dings to floors. Rubber flooring protectors act as a physical barrier between heavy objects and floor surfaces. Rubber is a naturally shock-absorbent material; upon applied force, rubber momentarily deforms and absorbs impact, only to bounce back to shape. Save for some truly extreme circumstances, the protector mat could keep an area relatively unscathed.

Rubber, flooring protectors are impervious to water and resilient amidst physical abuse and exposure to the elements. The durable rubber mat can be utilized in many residential applications where floor protection is needed:

    • Home gym: Fitness equipment like multi-station machines, free weights and treadmills are all hefty objects that pose serious risks to floors. The fact that the equipment isn’t stationary amplifies the potential damage they could inflict. A rubber mat will acts as an impact-absorbent barrier.
    • Shark Tooth rubber mat under open washing machine and loaded dryerGame room: Pool tables, arcade machines and other game room machines threaten to scuff or even pressure-ding underlying floors. A rubber mat placed under such equipment protects floors and equipment from each other.
    • Family room: Heavy furniture and home entertainment equipment are bulky objects that could damage tiles, carpet and hardwood flooring.
    • Kitchen and laundry room: You probably get the point by now, but there are indeed heavy objects in your kitchen and laundry room. Refrigerators may be one of the heaviest items in a household; however, a rubber mat is still capable of protecting floors.

      Washers and dryers pose a unique threat to floors because they can “walk” across floors due to the machines’ vibrations. Flooring protectors ensure the appliances stay put and aren’t directly contacting the floor.

A rubber protector mat can prevent the nagging headaches induced by home floor repairs. The shock-absorbent, durable mat can protect floors from most household appliances and furniture and other equipment. Skip time- and money-consuming floor repairs by laying out some flooring protectors!