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Thick Rubber Matting

Thick Rubber Matting to the Rescue in the Superhero Training Camp!

Shark tooth mat under very heavy equipmentWarning: This article was written to be funny; no one, including the superheroes and the thick rubber matting mentioned here, was hurt in any way during the making of this story!

Quick! You’ve just been bitten by a radioactive crocodile, where do you go? To Superhero Training Camp, of course! Superhero Camp is where talented young heroes-to-be are educated, trained, and made. Whether their powers were the result of a freak accident, chemical explosion, or just plain unusual circumstances, newcomers will find ways to utilize their new skills for the betterment of humanity. Through a range of obstacle courses, fitness sessions, and practice battles they gain experience and learn the tricks of controlling their powers

Shark tooth mat under heavy equipmentOf course, in order to accommodate such a range of talent—from ice making and fire breathing, to rock throwing and liquefying—the Superhero Training Camp needs durable and top notch training facilities. There will be falls. There will be accidents, lots of “booms” and “klongs” and “kabams”. Safety for the sparring partners and the Superheroes is a must. The camp must have thick exercise mats for those individual training sessions, as well as a large workout mat for group lessons. We can assume that even the most well-bread of Superheroes has had to learn his/hers powers over time. Testing out climbing buildings and running faster than speeding canons requires lots of training. Therefore, we can also assume that all of our superhero friends have had to fall on their face once or twice prior to perfecting their trade. In the case a floor of super duper qualities is required to protect such great falls. One of the most durable materials out there is rubber, which actually has some pretty sweet superhero characteristics itself. Rubber is water resistant, noise dampening, flexible, impact resistant, and can withstand high temperatures—which is why it was the ideal material of choice for this intense group and their camp. Rubber is also resistant to kryptonite, spider webs, yucky green mess, and does very well in dark bat caves.

This is why thick rubber matting is installed in most areas of this facility. It is there to protect surfaces and walls from accidental fireballs and other mishaps that are common amongst our freaky friends. A popular buddy of ours climbed the Empire State Building prior to receiving his diploma. He fell 40 floors, but only experienced minor breaks because he had impact absorbing thick rubber matting installed just outside of the lobby. In the camp, a large gym mat for the main arena is the perfect training ground, protecting the wood floor underneath from all sorts of abrasive, corrosive, and wacky superpowers. Of course large areas need to be covered just in case one of our superheroes falls from the moon, since there is no way of knowing where he would land! This way, young superheroes can learn how to use their powers to their full extent without trashing the camp floors in the process.

The various qualities of durable, resilient rubber are really quite extraordinary—it really is no wonder that some of the most notable graduates of Superhero Training Camp are Mr. Elasticity, Stretch Man and The Bouncing Boom!