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Protective Flooring

Floor Protection Mats Are Tough For More than Just a One-Rep Max!

Two 30 lb dumbbells on protective rubber flooringFor most gym or weight rooms, rolled rubber flooring is sufficient to protect floors from the constant wear and tear of everyday use. Yet, for more intensive applications, stronger floor protection mats may be necessary to more effectively buffer floors from heavy impact. This is especially true in commercial gyms. Most of us are generally a kinder and less abusive species when we workout at home.

Bodybuilders and power lifters set themselves apart from the common crowd of casual gym goers by their range of exercises and the amount of weight used in such exercises. High-intensity weightlifters stack plates upon plates in exercises like dead-lifts and the clean and jerk. Amid labored grunts and gritted teeth, a lifter’s muscles aren’t the only things being punished by the heavy weights; unprotected floors suffer substantial damage from falling weights.

In such situations, it is ideal to set up protective flooring in areas abused by the damaging impact of heavy weights. Especially for concrete, laminate wood and low-pile carpet floors, floor protection mats are an effective and simple way to prevent damage to gym and weight room floors. Here are three attributes of rubber mats that make it tough for impacts to damage your floor:

  1. Dumbbells resting on a thick rubber Tuff Flex matImpact-resistant: Rubber mats serve as an excellent protective flooring solution for two reasons. One, rubber is naturally a shock-absorbing material that disperses forces and impacts throughout the rubber object. (Everyday, we utilize the cushiony quality of rubber on the soles of our shoes to protect our joints from day-to-day stresses!) Two, our protective rubber mats are specifically designed to take substantial impacts. The thick and dense mats welcome falling barbells and shield floors from any damage.
  2. Hard-wearing: Just as it bounces back from impacts, rubber bounces back to shape despite constant abuse. The compression and tensile strength of rubber allows the material to withstand weights being tossed on its area while maintaining its structural integrity. Protective rubber flooring mats don’t give up after a one-rep max; they push through as many sets as you can squeeze out.
  3. Mobile: The protective floor mats are even more useful because of their mobility. Although they are quite robust and heavy, the rubber mats can be positioned and repositioned depending on where you need heavy-impact protection. In this way, there will never be a weak spot on your gym or weight room floor.

Floor protection mats are tough and resilient, sure to protect your floors and even your equipment from damage. For any gym owner or home weightlifter, the rubber mats are a great way to introduce protective flooring to your workout area without breaking the bank. The mats do not require messy adhesives to install, and they are simple to maintain, keeping money in your pocket for maybe a new jar of whey protein!