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Equipment Mat

An Exercise Equipment Mat Assists With Relocating Your Home Gym!

Miscellaneous Equipment on Green Eco-Sport tiles in a roomDear Rubber Flooring Experts,

     I just recently bought a home gym and a small set of free weights. I installed them in my backyard because my wife and I didn’t want to damage the hardwood floors inside the house. Unfortunately, it’s starting to rain here in Miami, and I don’t want my new home gym to rust!

     I want to move the home gym and free weights into the garage. There’s an empty area where we don’t park our cars. The problem is that the floor is a bit uneven. I need a surface that can even out the floor and also endure heat and moisture. Plus, since I already spent my pocket money on the gym and the weights, I also need something affordable. What solution can you recommend?

- Mike F. from Florida

Dear Mike F,

Revolution interlocking tile under a dumbbell and kettlebellSorry to hear that the weather rained on your fitness parade, but don’t fret! An exercise equipment mat is the perfect solution for your little gym relocation. Interlocking exercise floor mats are made from 100% recycled rubber that was reclaimed from tires. Since tires are made to endure outdoor conditions, so are our rubber tiles made from tire crumb. Rubber is not affected by rain or the sun. Therefore after a big storm all you need to do is to dry the tiles, or hope the sun does that for you! A rubber tile is rigid enough to stand firm over the uneven areas on your floor. Thicker tiles will lessen the effect of uneven surfaces better. And again the thicker the rubber material the better it will double in function as a shock-absorbing floor mat that will protect your garage floor from falling free weights.

     Normally, for home gym applications, we recommend that you use rubber flooring across the entire gym area (in this case, the space in the garage being used as a gym). As you may know, it’s great to have ample space whenever you are working out. But, provided that you need the most inexpensive solution possible, interlocking exercise floor mats will definitely suffice. Interlocking tiles allow you to add tiles as your gym space grow with no installation headaches. Since rubber mats simply require quick DIY installation, there’s more money in your pocket.

     If you do have aerobic machines like a treadmill, an elliptical, or a stepper we suggest using an exercise equipment mat to cover the footprint of the machine. Our rubber mats are extremely durable and resilient to heat and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about the mat getting damaged and having to replace it any time soon. When dry season returns, you can easily relocate your home gym to your backyard. Enjoy your workouts

- The Rubber Flooring Experts