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Rubber Mats Equipment

Gym Equipment Mats Keep You Burning Calories, Not Holes In Your Wallet

Exercise Ball near a dumb bell on recycled rubber flooring in a cornerAs you pump your thighs on an elliptical or lift some iron on a fitness machine, your gym equipment is working just as hard. Your workout gear may not be sweating or shaking off a cramp, but it is taking on a lot of force and stress from its own weight and the your’s. Under such conditions for a prolonged period, the fitness equipment may get damaged. Avoid costly repairs by using gym equipment mats.

Using a rubber mat for exercise equipment and machines reduces the chances of damaging your machinery from everyday use. Here are some features of rubber mats that’ll keep you burning calories instead of burning holes in your wallet:

  1. Impact absorption: Home gym, elliptical or multi-station weight machine, are pretty much a heavy pile of metal. When any type of free weights or machinery is being operated, there are forces and shifts of weight that are being exerted on the metal parts that could potentially injure the machine. If you’ve ever lifted on an old barbell bench, you may be familiar with the bothersome rocking motion of a bent and lopsided bench frame.

    Gym equipment mats are made of rubber and act as an impact-absorbent cushion between the equipment and a hard floor surface. The force and shifts in weight of a machine in operation is absorbed into the rubber mat. Rubber’s impact-absorbent quality may keep your fitness gear as new as the first day you got it!

  2. Vibration reduction: Your fitness equipment may be a heavy pile of metal, but you shouldn’t forget about the precise and fragile clockwork inside of the apparatus , particularly in cardio rigs like spin bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines. Gears grind. Belts pull. All of the moving parts of a fitness machine are vulnerable to damage, primarily from vibrations produced by the machine and movements made by the user.

    Person doing a push up on a shock absorbent rubber floorAs I mentioned earlier, using a rubber mat for exercise equipment places a cushiony barrier between the equipment and the floor. This is something you can easily see when you apply force to the rubber and see it give under pressure. What you cannot see is the network of microscopic chains of rubber, which are responsible for rubber’s pliancy. Those chains also absorb the machine’s vibrations, preventing potential damage to your equipment.

  3. Equipment-from-floor protection: Since equipment is set up on the floor, it is prone to the build-up of dust, debris and other extraneous objects that could get caught in your machine. If you have carpet or rug, your fitness machine may accumulate threads in the machines frame or, worse, in the machine’s inner mechanisms.

    Throwing a rubber mat under your fitness equipment ensures that your machine is on an elevated surface away from unassuming, yet troublesome matter. If dust, debris or other matter makes its way onto the mat, cleanup is as simple as wiping the mat down with a wet towel!

Gym equipment mats will save you a handful of troubles with equipment and floor repairs. Installing the mats is a simple matter of unrolling a rubber roll or interconnecting tiles, depending on your application. The mats are made of rubber reclaimed and recycled from tires and inherit the tires’ durability and resilience. Keep your fitness equipment in shape by using a mat for exercise equipment and machines.