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Mat for Treadmill Machinery

Using a Mat for Treadmill Machinery Can Help Your Small Gym Thrive!

Treadmill Mat on hardwood floor and under a TreadmillAttention small business gym owners: the uses of a rubber mat for treadmill machines prevent some potential costly repairs while also contributing to the comfort of your clientele! Exercise and fitness has risen on the agenda of people across the country. With the rapidly-increasing rate of obesity in the U.S., more people are signing up for gym memberships to get in shape and get healthy.

Despite the influx of gym-goers, many fitness clubs are shutting down across the U.S. For example, the women’s health club Curves closed one-third of its franchises since 2007 according to an AOL news article ( Many people are turning to the bigger fitness center chains, particularly, 24 Hour Fitness which is the world’s largest privately owned fitness chain.

To survive and thrive as a small business gym owner, you must shape up your fitness facility. Minor details like noise are major annoyances to your clientele and may be the factor that sends them running to 24 Hour Fitness or L.A. Fitness. The installation of a mat for treadmill machinery will be beneficial to your business and customers. A simple rubber mat can benefit your gym or fitness center in the following three ways:

  1. Woman running on a treadmill which is on a treadmill matNoise reduction: An operating treadmill produces noises when the shakes and rattles of moving parts and the movement of the user cause vibrations. On hard surface floors, the vibrations are magnified resulting in even louder noises. By using a treadmill mat, noise reduction occurs because of rubber’s natural ability to absorb shock and vibrations. If your gym has several treadmills, rubber mats are essential to keep the gym free from obnoxious racket.
  2. Damage prevention: When you’ve got someone bouncing up and down on a 200-pound machine, the floor underlying the machine is bound to get scratched or dented. The damages will then surely cost you a pretty penny and your own valuable time.
  3. Protect user from injury: The last thing you want as a gym owner is an injured client, for obvious reasons. Thus, it is in your best interest to keep your client healthy by creating an injury-free environment.

    When you install a rubber treadmill mat, noise reduction is not the only function of rubber’s shock-absorbing abilities. A rubber mat reduces the forces that wear and tear on a user’s joints and muscles by dispersing such forces into the mat and underlying floor. In effect, the treadmill users are less likely to suffer from bodily pain and soreness.

Small business gym owners can make worthwhile investments, like purchasing a mat for treadmill machines, to stay afloat in this competitive business world. Besides being a simple and affordable solution to protect your treadmills, mats will prevent damage to your floor and reduce harmful impacts on your clients’ bodies.