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Weightlifting Mats

How Can Rubber Weightlifting Mats Spot You During Workouts?

Recycled rubber used for a gym floor with exercise machines on topRubber weightlifting mats not only prevent wear and tear on your equipment and floors but also protect the athletes from excess physical stress and potential injury. Lifting weights is already a potentially hazardous physical activity. Heavy dumbbells being raised and lowered or pushed and pulled pose a threat to an athlete’s body as is. If used improperly or on unsafe floors the possibilities can be catastrophic. Even light weights present immediate physical dangers, more so if the weightlifting environment is less than ideal.

Rubber mats for weight room applications provide competitors with the ideal weightlifting floor surface. Here are some features of rubber mats that promote a great weight training session:

  1. Traction: One of the most important elements of efficient weightlifting is technique. You could stack a lot of weights and perform a countless number of reps, but without proper technique, you’ll end up straining a muscle and putting unnecessary stress on your joints. Good technique relies on a variety of factors, which includes a weightlifter’s footing.

    Rubber weightlifting mats ensure weightlifters will keep their footing stable. When stacked up against concrete or carpet floor surfaces, rubber is easily the most effective anti-slip surface due its high coefficient of friction. Weightlifters can perform exercises like squats or lunges without worrying about an injurious slip.

  2. Shock-absorption: Shoes have rubber soles for obvious reasons: rubber is a material that cushions our feet against hard floor surfaces. Rubber’s structural composition acts like a spring, flexing to absorb shock when force is applied and bouncing back when it is removed. The energy is dispersed throughout the rubber, reducing the force of an impact.

    Simple physical activities, like walking or even just standing, exert impact on your body. When you lift weights, additional power is being exerted on your body depending on how much weight you’re using. The extra forces travel through your bones, joints and muscles down to the floor.

    A hard floor surface merely bounces the forces back into the body, stressing and straining joints and muscles. With sturdy rubber mats for weight room floors a weightlifter’s feet, some of the harmful forces are absorbed into the rubber, reducing the stress on a athlete’s joints and muscles.

  3. Z cycle flooring under weight machines at a school gym.Water-resistance: Weightlifters often put their blood, sweat and tears into their exercises, all the way through to the last rep of their last set. Unfortunately, sweat isn’t only a figurative element. Weightlifters are bound to excrete sweat as a result of physical activity. And when their sweat makes its way to the weight room floor, you’re asking for potential slippages and even mold and mildew. With rubber weight room flooring installed, the risk of slippage or mold is a nonissue. First of all, rubber maintains its excellent traction despite moisture. Secondly, rubber is nonporous, letting sweat or moisture sit above the surface to be easily wiped up. Rubber’s resistance to water makes sure you won’t have any odorous mold problems. The weightlifter who forgot to use deodorant? Now, that’s an odorous problem rubber mats can’t solve.

  4. Equipment Protection: Weight equipment is expensive. The more you look into the up to date products, the more you understand the expense of getting a decent gym off the floor. Whether you buy new or used equipment, it will cost a pretty penny! Therefore affordable flooring to protect your hard earned investment is a smart decision.

    Rubber mats for weight rooms is an inexpensive means to protect falling dumbbells and barbells from aesthetic harm and worse, real damage.

Because of its anti-slip, shock-absorbing and water-resistant abilities, rubber weightlifting mats are ideal solutions for your weight room flooring. Our rubber mats are incredibly durable and resilient to heavy foot traffic and abrasion. They are also easy to install and maintain, leaving you more time to pump some iron.