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Exercise Flooring Mats for Home Gyms

Exercise Flooring Mats for Home Gyms

Person preparing for exercise on Red Eco-Sport Tiles near a pool.You don’t have to plant a treadmill or a large lifting machine to start your fitness journey. A sturdy set of hand weights is an inexpensive and unintimidating way to pursue fitness. Weights are easy to use and store, and they provide a multitude of health benefits. A simple workout routine on the TV screen can be the start of the road to a healthy lifestyle. Kate is an active young mom who wants to transform a corner of the living room into a fitness area. She is starting with a collection of hand weights and might even expand the exercise corner in the future. While searching for exercise flooring mats, she came across many different products, like interlocking exercise mats that can be used for residential gym floors. Rubber exercise floor mats are a good choice for Kate’s situation, due to the many great qualities of rubber flooring.

Rubber Exercise Flooring Mats for Home Gyms

Kate’s plan of creating an exercise corner in her living room means she will need an unobtrusive flooring solution. When Kate has company over, she may not want to entertain guests with her equipment on full display. Hand weights can be easily tucked away in a chest of drawers without drawing attention, but the flooring will be harder to hide. Exercise flooring mats are a lightweight and unobtrusive solution to this problem. Rubber exercise floor mats are thin enough that they can pass for everyday décor, especially when paired with a piece of furniture. If the mat does need to disappear, exercise flooring mats are light and easy to roll up. Kate’s fitness quest doesn’t have to come at the expense of hosting her friends, just the cost of an exercise flooring mat.

The installation of a home gym can be intimidating when you think about the damage that can be done to your home. Gym equipment is heavy and can damage flooring, while frequent sweating can seep into your carpet. For Kate, she knows this won’t be her forever home. She needs to be able to install a home gym without harming the resell value of her house. Exercise flooring mats for home gyms can protect Kate’s resell value. Rubber is durable and resilient to impact, so even if she accidentally drops a weight, her hardwood sub-floor will remain undamaged. Rubber exercise floor mats will absorb the force of this impact and bounce back into shape. Likewise, exercise flooring mats will be a barrier between her workout and her wooden floors. Any water or sweat that comes into contact with the exercise flooring mats will be prevented from seeping into the flooring. When Kate is ready to move, the floors under the mats will be showroom ready.

Additionally, Kate’s interest in expanding her fitness area in the future makes interlocking exercise mats a great option for her. These exercise flooring mats come in precut squares, and are assembled by simply interlocking the puzzle-like sides— something that Kate can easily do by herself. No messy adhesives or installers are needed to place these rubber exercise floor mats. Kate can purchase enough interlocking exercise mats to cover a small corner now, and whenever she decides to expand it, she can just buy more exercise flooring mats and attach them to the existing ones. If she ever decides to designate a whole room to her fitness pursuit, the interlocking exercise mats can easily be relocated due to the lack of adhesive.

By building her very own fitness area with rubber exercise flooring mats, Kate will avoid the costly membership fees at her old fitness center. Now she can enjoy doing her exercises from the comfort of her own living room, without having to worry about denting or scraping her floor. Not to mention the fact that a home gym with rubber exercise floor mats is far more convenient, and will get more use. Also, because interlocking exercise mats also come in a variety of colors, like blue, gray, white, and green, Kate doesn’t even have to worry about them clashing with her living room curtains.