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Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber Gym Flooring- Top 5 Reasons to Do it DIY!

Person Stretching on Red Eco-Sport Tiles

  1. Home Gyms are Space Efficient!
    You can quickly transform existing spaces into useful ones! Is your basement empty? Is that guest room dusty and dim? Bring life to dead corners of your house by laying down easy rubber gym flooring, which can instantly transform them into fitness areas. You don’t even need fancy equipment to get a good workout, start simple with pushups and crunches. Don’t worry- the soft rubber matting will cushion your joints as you improve your health!
  2. Home Gyms will Save You Money in the Long Run!
    Gym memberships are expensive, and they don’t even cover snacks and energy drinks. Fees cover equipment that you probably don’t use often—like the sauna. Stop paying for the other stuff! With a simple online search, anyone can find the best home exercise equipment on the market. Then, invest in some durable rubber gym flooring to ensure protection of your equipment and floors. Rubber is built to last, so unlike a membership, you won’t have to worry about renewing it!
  3. Home Gyms Eliminates Nuisances!
    Doing exercises at home greatly reduces many public gym annoyances. Say hello to your DIY home gym, and say goodbye to waiting for popular equipment, or feeling rushed when someone starts eyeing your current machine. Worrying about what you’re wearing is no longer a concern if you’re exercising in the privacy of your home. Also, you can get rid of that nagging feeling that others are watching and judging you- now you’re free to work out at your own pace!
  4. Stretching on a red Eco-Sport Tile Floor in front of a poolHome Gyms are more Sanitary!
    Ever wondered how many sweaty palms gripped that elliptical before yours? You probably don’t want to think about it. Public gyms can become breeding grounds for bacteria, which thrive in humid environments. Home gyms are limited to you, your family, and your guests. Less users = less bacteria, making home gyms the more sanitary solution to your fitness needs. That handy rubber gym floor cover is also playing its part—rubber is naturally moisture resistant, so it won’t collect sweat!
  5. Home Gyms are Convenient!
    In today’s busy day and age, one of the best qualities that an item can have is convenience. You can really maximize the hours in your day with a home gym! Eliminate minutes you would spend changing and showering at the gym, a well as driving there and back. When you’re at home, you don’t have to wait for an available shower or cramped changing stalls- just hop over to your own!

Hopefully we have persuaded you to get moving and take your fitness into your own hands! Personal exercise is key to maintaining a healthy body, and we want to help you get started. Our rubber gym floors are stable, long lasting, and will support you in whatever you do- now that’s a good workout partner!