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Home Gym Mats

All You Need Are Home Gym Mats and A Multi-Station Machine to Get Fit!

Hurdles and weight equipment on Interlocked rubber tilesToday, we live in a world where it’s more cost-effective and time-efficient for families to have a cheeseburger-and-fries dinner rather than a home-cooked meal. The repercussions are apparent; according to the CDC, approximately 34% of Americans are obese ( The solution is simple: First, say “No” to fast food buns; second, get off your buns and exercise!

Setting up a home gym is a cost-effective way to help keep your family in shape. You won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your gym as long as you opt for the right gym set-up:

  • Home gym mats: Opting for rubber flooring for a home gym is a great start to building your personal fitness room or area. Rubber is the choice material for many commercial gym floors because of its impact-resistant structure and its slip-resistant qualities. It should be the choice for you, too!

  • Multi-station machines: After laying out the rubber home gym mats, consider using multi-station machines. The machines offer a multitude of equipment capabilities in one centralized area. This could save you space and would definitely save you money.

  • Cardio workout: Incorporate a cardio exercise routine into your weekly workouts. Walking in the park, strolling in the mall (when its too cold to go out!), or better yet a jog around the block are all great ways to get your heart pumping.

  • Rubber Puzzle Tiles Combined to make an outdoor gym floor Do it every day: Consistency is key. Commit yourself, and get out and enjoy the routine and the results.

When you use a personal home gym over a commercial gym, you and your family benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Convenience: With a gym set up in your own home no one will have to drive to the local gym to get a workout in. Especially for those who have busy schedules, a home gym allows people to squeeze in a workout session as they see fit.

  • Money in the bank: A personal gym lets you and your family avoid outrageous gym membership fees. Although you have to spend a pretty penny initially, your home gym is a wise investment; rubber flooring for a home gym is very durable, and multi-station machines will last long if you maintain them properly.

  • Sanitation: Commercial gyms see high traffic from many people coming and going on a daily basis. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to catch a cold or virus via the gym equipment or air. A personal home gym is exclusive to you and your family and you wouldn’t have to wonder whose sweat is dripping off the machines.

Obesity is a nationwide issue affecting more than one-third of the US’s population. Although we personally cannot dent that statistic, we can make a difference by taking care of our own. Investing in a home gym is simple, only requiring a couple of home gym mats and some fitness equipment. Building a home gym is a cost-effective investment for you and your family’s health. By the way we expect that our rubber flooring for a home gym will outlast you and your gym. Thats how durable our products are!