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Weight Room Mats

Flooring for Weight Rooms Reduces Costly Repair Bills!

Man exercising on Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring next to weightsRolling out flooring for weight rooms can prevent the inevitable wear-and-tear on equipment and on gym floors. In turn, gym or weight room owners are spared unwelcome and costly repair bills. Avoid unnecessary costs by simply adding a rubber surfacing to otherwise hard floors.

A combination of factors in weight rooms spells disaster. Weightlifting equipment, weighing hundreds of pounds, are peppered throughout the gym’s floor. Free weights are being loaded on and off barbells and curl bars. And, of course, there are the gym-goers that are pulling, pushing, swinging and even tossing weights during their various exercises. Throwing around weights is a rite of passage and frankly a constant occurrence; it is part of a serious workout. For this reason flooring for weight rooms must be protective.

In a dream world, there wouldn’t be any accidents. None of the equipment would dent or damage. None of the free weights would fall and clang to the floor. The power-lifters would all have proper technique, and there wouldn’t be any airborne weights threatening your weightlifting equipment or fitness-room floors.

Tuff Flex Rubber Floor with exercise ball and dumbbellKeep dreaming. There are bound to be accidents in weight rooms. Even more is the inevitability of wear-and-tear on your gym equipment and floors, which will squeeze the money out of your wallet. To protect the equipment and floors from damage, consider utilizing rubber flooring for weight rooms.

Rubber weight room flooring mats are an ideal option because of its natural shock-absorbing qualities. The structural composition of rubber can be illustrated similar to how a spring or coil works; that is, their inherent flex and elasticity allows it to absorb and disperse shock, only to spring back when force is removed. If any of your patrons want to clean and jerk, you can be sure that your subfloor will be protected from potentially damaging impacts.

The shock-absorbing quality of rubber also safeguards your equipment from everyday wear-and-tear. One of the most common issues I see in gyms and weight rooms is bent or lopsided equipment. When weightlifting equipment is used, the balance of the user is thrown in several directions. This sway of balance results in a sway of weight that rocks the entire machine on a hard floor surface. As a result, the machine’s structural integrity is compromised as it flexes and bends. In contrast to harder floor surfaces like concrete and carpet, rubber flooring for weight rooms offers not only enough flex to prevent any equipment damage but also enough firmness to provide stability.

Rubber weight room flooring protects your gym equipment and weight room floors from costly damage. You wouldn’t have to worry about amateur lifters dropping free weights on the floor. And, just the same, you won’t have to think twice about anyone performing snatches and leaving a dent in your floor. Since rubber is extremely durable and resilient, you can be sure that rubber surfacing will be a long-term investment that will protect your investments from the abuses of weight room activity.