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Treadmill Flooring

Rubber Treadmill Flooring: The Ultimate Object in Stress Relief

Treadmills and Ellipticals on an Elephant Bark Rubber FloorAs founder of Rubber-Cal, a company that now specializes in rubber treadmill flooring, I run on a treadmill 4-5 times a week. Recently, I wanted to explore the reasons why this type of exercise equipment works for me functionally and psychologically. Forget about the fact that I own a company specializing in rubber treadmill mats—without question, a treadmill would have been a part of my daily routine regardless of the fact that we, the Rubber Flooring Experts, offer rubber treadmill mats.

A treadmill is a simple enough piece of exercise equipment. It allows a runner or walker to traverse long distances without leaving the confines of his or her home, office or gym. For this reason, a treadmill is especially invaluable when outdoor weather or traffic conditions threaten an individual’s ability to train and stay in shape.

America is a country of workaholics and we have little time for ourselves. The American fitness craze has become a key to the success of treadmills in this country. The United States may have widely varied weather conditions across the continent, but the controlled, stationary weather of indoor gyms and health clubs allows treadmills to be used all year long.

Like other Americans, I work long hours and spend what little free time I have with my family. Having a treadmill in my home allows me to exercise at any time of day or night. I usually take my 5-6 mile runs somewhere between 4 PM and 7 PM. Sometimes my exercise routine is interrupted by welcome visits from my wife and 3-year-old son. I may have to stop running to “hop” him into the bath, or get him a bottle of water and an apple before bed.

Elephant Bark Rubber flooring under exercise equipment in a gymBut no matter the nature of the interruption, it is the proximity of treadmill to my family that allows me to participate in their lives while remaining healthy and active. I wouldn’t have it any other way! My family is always my priority, and a treadmill allows me to exercise and take care of myself while being home. I even keep my treadmill in my upstairs bedroom, which does transmit loud noise and vibration throughout my house and down to the first level. Luckily, I know a great place for rubber treadmill mats! I use the thickest mats in order to dampen that noise and maximize the shock absorption.

Modern-day humans are some of the hardest working people in history. We take pride in our productivity and our success. However, the fact that we work hard and lead stressful lives means that we need access to some kind of therapy or stress release once the work day ends. For me, the time I spend pounding away at my treadmill and rubber treadmill flooring are the moments I reach psychological calmness. Zoning out to Bob Dylan’s “House of the Rising Sun” or an interesting episode of “Frontline” clears my mind and body of accumulated stress. I finally get to relax. For these precious moments, rubber treadmill mats are the places where I leave the strain of the day.

Needless to say treadmills give the working American access to imaginary sidewalks and trails. Providing access to easy, affordable fitness is one of the most important features of any exercise machine. Don’t underestimate its importance! Just do it—invest in a treadmill, protect it with rubber matting, and commit to getting healthier and more active every day.