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Mat Treadmill Quiet

Need a Little Peace and Quiet? Rubber Treadmill Mats to the Rescue!

Treadmill Mat on hardwood floor and under a TreadmillHow can rubber treadmill mats rescue your personal relationships? After a grueling eight-hour day, the last thing you want to hear is a ringing telephone, screeching brakes, or the chatter of your annoying co-worker. You walk in your house, throw your keys in the bowl, greet your spouse, maybe eat a little snack, and plop on the couch. Finally, some relief, peace and quiet.

Yet, just as your begin to feel the weight of your eyelids droop, a rhythmic thumping rudely interrupts the silence. You get up to investigate the source, what sounds like a tribal mating ritual, and realize that your spouse is using the treadmill. Before unplugging the machine in a fit of rage, you grab a pillow and retreat to the room furthest from that cacophonous treadmill.

Amidst the chaotic hustle and bustle of our work week, most of us find solace in the sanctuary of our own homes. Yet, despite this expectation, it’s difficult to manage the conflicting schedules of our co-inhabitants. Possible solutions? You could throw out your spouse. Or maybe move the treadmill next to the mailbox. Best (and least psychotic) solution? Rubber treadmill mats.

Shark Tooth Mat under a purple exercise ball and 2 weighted pink ballsTreadmills are naturally very noisy machines. The gears and belts that drive the treadmill produce vibrations that rattle, not only the machine’s parts, but also the surrounding floor and walls. On top of that, the movement of the user produces additional vibrations and rattles in the machine and the floor. Using a rubber mat for treadmill machines reduces these vibrations because of rubber’s natural ability to absorb shock. As a result, the rubber mat dampens the sounds that normally would drive you berserk.

While reducing bothersome noises, rubber treadmill mats acts as a barrier between the treadmill and the underlying floor surface. Treadmills weigh from 150 to 200 pounds in addition to the weight of the user. In total, the floor surface under the treadmill supports 300+ pounds of sustained bouncing weight! Thus, by using a mat for treadmill machine you reduce the reverberations produced from the treadmill and also protect your flooring from cosmetic and structural damage.

To quote Donna Summer, you “work hard for the money.” But, when your nine to five is over, you deserve a little rest and relaxation before soldiering on another nine to five. Investing in a rubber treadmill mat ensures that your few moments of peace and quiet are not interrupted by the squeaks and squeals of an operating treadmill machine.