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Padded Mat

A Padded Exercise Mat is All You Need to Start Your Fitness Routine!

Person preparing to practice yoga on Green Eco Sport Tiles behind a wooden fenceYoga is an ancient art that originated in India, and focuses on floor exercise, breathing, and meditation in order to encourage discipline and health. Today, it has become a popular activity, offered at many local gyms and community centers. Visit any public gym and you’re likely to see various types of yoga on their list of class offerings. There are beginning classes for those who are just seeking to try it out, intermediate classes for those who have mastered some of their poses, and advanced courses for those who have truly joined mind and body in harmony. Step into a class, and you’re likely to see a group of people ranging from teens to adults, engaging in a series of exercises and poses!

One of the great things about yoga is that most of the exercises are done with a focus on the entire body. When you go to a gym and use the machines most only target a specific group of muscles. With yoga, each exercise is designed to refresh and energize the body as a whole. The only equipment that is required for yoga is a padded exercise mat. Because yoga is done with bare feet and hands it is important to provide some cushion for bones and joints. For example the famous “sun salutation” activity encompasses eight different movements, some of which put a lot of weight on hands and ankles!

Padded mats come in a range of sizes and colors to best match the wide range of yoga fan personalities. Yoga mats are made of a variety of materials including natural hemp and plastic. These varieties are solely for yoga and do not offer the durability or size required by other workouts. Recycled rubber is one of the best materials out there for yoga mats, because it is a sustainable, recycled product that also provides cushion. Rubber compounds naturally have tension due to the elasticity of the rubber; this can absorb impact, making it easier on muscles and joints! A recycled or reclaimed rubber mat is prolific in its range and can be used for a variety of other exercise or fitness equipment. If your exercise regimen changes, there is no need for new mats!

Most people purchase their own roll up exercise mats because they are space-efficient and easy to carry to and from the location of the workout. This allows for mobility and they can be tossed into the trunk of a car, or shoved into a closet without too much concern. Having a handy-dandy rubber mat on hand means you’re ready to get your yoga on just about anywhere, at any time of day!