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Exercise Mat Saves From Injury

An Exercise Mat is a Mobile Floor Solution That Saves You from Injury!

Person doing bodyweight exercise over interconnected rubber floor The importance of using an exercise mat cannot be stressed enough. Hard floor surfaces like tile or wood are not only unpleasant to the touch but also do not offer any degree of shock-absorbing and cushiony properties for your body during workouts. Without some kind of impact-absorbing cushion, the forces produced by your movements are absorbed into your bones and joints instead. Thus, using rubber floor mats for exercise and fitness activities should be a necessary accessory to your workouts.

Some of us may find it inconvenient to have to set up a workout area every time you’re trying to burn some calories. Fortunately, setting up an exercise mat is easy in any space. You can turn your garage, basement, attic or barn floors into a gym quick and easy.

Rolled rubber floor mats for exercise and fitness activities is the most convenient floor solution to use. Simply unroll the mat wherever you seek to work out. At Rubber-Cal we offer custom-cut lengths which make the process even easier. Generally, rubber mats are heavy enough that they will stay put under its own weight. Because of rubber’s high coefficient of friction, the mat won’t skid from any vigorous motions and movements. Our rubber mats maintain contact with the surface beneath and stay put while you are engaged in exercise. When you are finished with your session, just roll up the mat and store it for later use.

Interlocking rubber tiles is another product that is convenient to set up your transient exercise area. The tiles are easily assembled by lining up the connectors on the sides of the tiles and connecting them as you would a puzzle. Rubber tiles are a great alternative to rolled rubber exercise mats because you can expand the size of the mat by obtaining more tiles and connecting them as you see fit. This allows you to expand or shrink your space with no installation worries.

Both rolled rubber and interlocking rubber tiles offer a cushiony surface that can protect your body during your fitness activities, whether you are doing yoga, Pilates or even intense circuit training. Alongside protecting your body from harm, the rubber mats protect your floor from scuffs and scrapes that may result from your activities. Setting up an exercise mat during fitness activities does not require an incredible amount of time or energy. Rubber floor mats for exercise and fitness activities actually save you the time and energy that you would have to devote to a bruised hip or a fractured elbow resulting from an injury on a hard floor surface. The durability of rubber keeps the mobile fitness mat intact for many more future workouts.