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Interlocking Workout Mats

Seven Reasons Why Rubber Is the Ideal Workout Flooring for Home Gyms!

Different colored exercise bikes on interlocking rubber tileMany of us resort to the comfort of our own home when we want to get in shape. Expensive gym membership costs, inflexibility with our schedules or even just a desire for privacy are reasons why we’d rather blast our buns in the quiet of our residences. However, you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic and feel of the gym. workout flooring for home applications can turn your spare room into a personal 24-Hour Fitness! By using interlocking workout mats your good intentions can turn into reality real fast. Here are seven benefits of fitness room rubber flooring:

  1. Comfort: Rubber is a naturally shock absorbent material. The composition of rubber is a good balance of elasticity and rigidity. Rubber’s elasticity is vital for reducing the impact on your bones, joints and muscles, especially if you are performing cardio, yoga or Pilates.
  2. Traction: Whichever way you’re working out, it is absolutely important that you maintain your balance and stay grounded. When hard floors get slippery from your water bottle or sweat, you risk the chance of falling and injuring yourself. Thanks to rubber’s inherently high coefficient of friction, you can be sure that you’ll be working out your buttocks, not falling on it.
  3. Floor protection: Rubber workout flooring for home fitness rooms protects your floor from scuffs or dents resulting from your workout session. Rubber’s elastic rigidity, or rigid elasticity, serves as a great barrier between you or your fitness equipment and the floor. Rubber flooring also prevents damage to your equipment!
  4. Noise reduction: Since rubber is shock absorbent, it reduces any and all impacts, even the little sound-producing vibrations. When you’re doing some vigorous cardio or using your spinning machine, rubber floors can dampen noise by absorbing such vibrations.
  5. Side view of two exercise bikes on Revolution interlocking tileEasy installation: Our fitness room rubber flooring is available in mats or rolls that are incredibly easy DIY applications. Minimal adhesive, like double-sided tape, is all that you need to keep the flooring on the floor. Interlocking workout mats are even easier when it comes to installation. The ease of assembly makes tiles a great choice for those who have less confidence in dealing with more cumbersome rolled products.
  6. Easy to maintain: Since rubber is also hard and rigid to a degree, the surface can be cleaned as easily as a harder surface like tile or hardwood. The non-porous quality of rubber keeps moisture and debris on the surface of the flooring, which can be simply swept up and wiped down. If you choose to you can disassemble the interlocking workout mats mentioned above, take them to your back yard and hose them down. Water has no effect on the product.
  7. Durability: Rubber flooring is resilient to many of the possible exercises you will perform in your fitness room, from jumping jacks to lifting weights. The high tensile strength of rubber means that the flooring will not get damaged structurally, and instead, just spring back to normal. The rubber flooring will provide comfort and protection for many workout sessions to come.

Rubber workout flooring for home gyms and fitness rooms is the ideal option if you want to emulate the aesthetic and feel of the gym. What’s more, fitness room rubber flooring is durable and functionally versatile, offering comfort, traction, floor protection and noise reduction. Since rubber flooring is easy to install and maintain, you’ll save money and, more importantly, time which could be spent chiseling a six-pack out of that keg you’ve got brewing under your shirt.