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Large Rubber Matting

Large Rubber Matting: The Mobile, Multi-Purpose Flooring Accessory!

Shark tooth mat under heavy equipmentLarge rubber matting is a great flooring accessory that can serve multiple purposes. The unassuming thick rubber mats are more than just big slabs of stretchy material; the mats offer slip-resistance, shock-absorbency, noise-reduction and a long-lasting durability among other properties. It’s only natural for a rubber mat to be found useful for many different applications.

So, where are large rubber mats usually utilized? Here are a couple of the more common applications for rubber mats:

  • Free weight lifting areas: As heavy weights are launched up and down from the motions of weightlifters, it’s in a gym owner’s best interest to protect the gym floor and equipment from damage. Thick rubber mats are commonly placed in areas with free weights, where the heavy pieces of equipment are prone to being dropped. The impact-absorbent property of rubber shields the floor from damage and cushions equipment from the floor.

  • Under a treadmill or elliptical: The molecular composition of rubber allows it to flex when force is applied which reduces the energy of the force. This ability even applies to the smallest of forces like vibrations, which are dissipated into the mat, reducing physical movement and sound. Many take advantage of this feature by placing thicker rubber mats under their treadmill or elliptical, especially if they live in a multiple story building.

  • Elephant Bark Rubber flooring under blue kettlebellWork stations: Similar to why gym owners use heavy weights, thick rubber mats are placed at work stations like assembly lines, woodworking tables, and other areas of handiwork. The mats prevent falling tools and equipment from damaging the floor while also preventing the equipment from sustaining severe damage.

  • Behind the counter: The cushiony quality of rubber makes it a great anti-fatigue accessory. Rubber slightly gives under pressure, which helps in dissipating some of the harmful stress and strain that can reverberate into the body. The rubber mats certainly make it a bit more comfortable to stand for prolonged periods of time. Receptionists, cashiers and restaurant hosts are some individuals that could benefit from a cushiony rubber mat.

  • Home workout mat: Rubber is an insulator of heat, unlike surfaces like tile or concrete. Thus, rubber matting is a comfortable surface for home workouts like yoga, Pilates and martial arts. The traction of the mat promotes proper form by providing users with a sure and stable foothold on the mat. Do you need to cover a wide or very long area? No problem! We offer rolls up to 50 feet in length that are seamless. Since our large rubber mats are continuous and seamless, it makes for better aesthetics when installed.

The uses for large rubber matting can go on and on. Any activity or application can use the degree of safety and protection offered by the rubber mat. Highly mobile and extremely durable, the thick rubber mats can be used for any particular application or all of the above!