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Treadmill Mats

Do I Need a Rubber Mat Under My Treadmill?

The treadmill is America’s go-to piece of cardio fitness equipment. Treadmills, stationary bicycles, and stepper machines are often found in abundance in both home and commercial gyms. These machines are great for exercising your cardiovascular system, ensuring that your heart and lungs are functioning at full capacity. However, there is no denying that treadmills are heavy pieces of equipment. Without heavy-duty treadmill mats in place, the equipment can be difficult to keep in working order, especially when it is used on hardwood, vinyl, or concrete floor surfaces. You need a rubber mat under the treadmill in order to protect your floors for a pounding treadmill. An average treadmill weighs about 175 to 250lbs and its four small legs hold all of the weight on the floor. Therefore, all of the pounding and vibration are concentrated on these four points. That is 175 to 250lbs , as well as the weight of the person running on the machine, That’s a lot of weight. Adding a rubber mat under your treadmill diffuses the pounding across a 24 to 30 square foot rubber mat. The elastic floors also reduce the impact that is absorbed by the machine and helps minimize floor damage and absorbs sound. A simple answer to the question “Do I Need a Rubber Mat Under My Treadmill?” is Yes – and a $75-$100 rubber mat is an inexpensive piece of insurance for your much more expensive floors and treadmill.

What is a Rubber Treadmill Mat For?

Rubber treadmill mats will absorb shock and vibration, a feature that your neighbors are sure to appreciate! If you imagine a functioning treadmill, you will more than likely be able to envision the fast humming of the treadmill belt accompanied by the steady pounding of active running feet—this image is classic. However, a treadmill also shakes while in use and emits sounds in the form of vibrations. Without rubber mats for treadmills, these vibrations pose a very real risk of causing damage to the floor. Heavy-duty treadmill mats provide a layer of separation between the underside of the treadmill and the sensitive flooring. Rubber is the perfect material for absorbing shocks from the kinds of repeated physical impacts and vibrations that are typical of treadmills. This shock absorbency makes rubber an excellent choice of material for treadmill mats.

By dampening vibrations and absorbing heavy impact, heavy-duty treadmill mats can protect both the treadmill and the floors from wear and damage. Flooring surfaces such as wood or tile are particularly fragile, and can easily get cracked from the heavy weight of the machine without protective treadmill mats in place. Mats for treadmills prevent damage from the machine's weight, which can be aggravated even further if the treadmill is in use. The repeated impacts and vibrations gradually cause chips and cracks to widen, making the floor more expensive to repair with time. Of course, the floors of an exercise area are not the only things that run the risk of getting damaged when choose to skip the protective treadmill mats. The treadmill's impacts and abrasions can cause the machine itself to suffer from harm as well. Fitness equipment is very expensive, and the cost of repairing or replacing a treadmill is enough to ruin any gym owner's day. Our mats for treadmills provide the perfect buffer zone between the machine and the floor, as the rubber material dispels any shocks or vibrations to ensure that the treadmill and the floor do not harm each other. Your treadmill will last longer and require fewer repairs when placed on top of treadmill mats made with a naturally elastic, flexible, and supportive material like rubber.

Can a Rubber Mat Make My Treadmill Less Noisy?

Rubber mats for treadmills can also help reduce the overall noise of the workout area. It is normal for treadmills to emit a lot of noise simply due to their very nature. Because a treadmill tends to vibrate and shake while in use, the constant vibrations produce constant sound. Unfortunately, this noise can end up irritating your neighbors if you don’t have soundproof treadmill mats. Since rubber excels at absorbing vibrations, including sound, heavy-duty treadmill mats made from rubber are very effective at reducing noise from exercise equipment in use. Additionally, rubber treadmill mats provide a much softer surface for the treadmill to be on. Rubber's ability to absorb vibrations is partly due to its elastic texture. A treadmill makes more noise when placed directly on a hard surface, but a soft rubber surface like our mats for treadmills can absorb and dampen that sound. Our rubber treadmill mats reduce the amount of sound that gym goers produce during a workout, allowing them to exercise on treadmills and other equipment without disturbing others.

Is it OK to Have a Treadmill on the Second Floor?

You may be concerned for downstairs neighbors if you live on the second floor. The minimal noise and movement you experience from your treadmill is amplified as it passes through the flooring and into your neighbor’s apartments. Fortunately, heavy-duty treadmill mats are made extra thick to offer maximized impact absorption where needed! When it comes to treadmill mats, you want them to be as thick as possible. A lot of the matting’s protective qualities are related to how thick the individual mat is. The more thickness there is, the more material there will be for the best floor protection. With thick treadmill mats, there is simply more rubber material to absorb the physical impact and vibrations that come from treadmill machines. As a result, this makes rubber treadmill mats suitable for use in those 2nd or 3rd story installations. Keep your neighbors happy and keep on running with one of our extra thick rubber mats for treadmills that will help you stay fit and keep the conveyor belt turning!

Do Rubber Treadmill Mats Need to Be Replaced Often?

Our line of treadmill mats is durable and abrasion-resistant, allowing them to last longer than alternatives. You will have to replace your rubber treadmill mat rarely, if ever. Even though rubber is a softer surface compared to concrete or tile, it still possesses enough durability to endure physically abrasive conditions. Many of the mats for treadmills we offer contain recycled tire crumb rubber. Vehicle tires are designed to operate in hard and unforgiving conditions, and this durability is passed on to the products that are made from recycled tire crumb, such as our rubber treadmill mats. Due to their longevity, recycled rubber mats for treadmills need to be replaced very rarely, making them a worthwhile investment for any gym or fitness center. Our treadmill mats will probably outlast your treadmill.

Buy Rubber Treadmill Mats

Protect expensive cardio equipment and preserve delicate floors with heavy-duty treadmill mats made of durable rubber. In the long term, you can save money on floor and equipment maintenance with our cost-effective rubber mats for treadmills. Get healthy and stay active by protecting your exercise equipment the easy way. Browse our top-selling rubber treadmill mats or call one of our Rubber Flooring Experts today!