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Weight Room Flooring

What is a Weight Room?

Traditionally, a weight room is a space where dumbbells and the barbell equipment are housed in your local gym. A weight room may include more dumbbells, racks, cables, benches, and machines that focus on working out specific parts of the body. Weight training is a very important part of any good workout regimen. Fitness buffs have come to see training with dumbbells and barbells as a major component of healthy exercise, muscle gain, and weight loss. Every commercial gym across the country has its own dedicated weight room where gym-goers can build their strength and muscle mass. However, you should be aware that weight rooms can be hazardous areas as well, and proper weight room flooring is absolutely necessary. The Rubber Flooring Experts recommend installing rubber weight mats in these areas as the key to protecting yourself, your customers, your gym equipment, and your floors from the impacts falling weights and the wear and tear of prolonged usage. Rubber weight training mats make for a more comfortable and forgiving surface to stand on while lifting, and they can act as a protective barrier for the sub-floors. Weight room flooring made from rubber absorbs harmful impacts and abrasions to act as a protective shield for the existing floors of an area. Rubber weight room flooring is an easy-to-install and cost-effective way of protecting you, your exercise weights, and sensitive sub-floors from costly and dangerous damages.

Why is Rubber the Best Weight Room Flooring?

Heavy fitness gear has become an integral part of any workout in gyms across the country. Anyone who has seen or engaged in a cross-fit workout is well aware of how high-impact and physically intensive it can be. However, just as the heavy equipment used in weight training helps to expand your muscle mass, that same heavy equipment can easily damage many common types of gym or weight room flooring if dropped during a workout. Fortunately, rubber weight room flooring offers a soft and forgiving surface on which heavy barbells can fall without damaging floors or suffering harm themselves. Rubber flooring is the best weight room flooring and provides unrivaled protection against impacts. Rubber weight training mats possess a natural elasticity that provides a better degree of padding that cushions fallen equipment and protects the floors from impact. For example, if a weightlifter drops a 50 lbs. barbell directly onto a concrete or tiled gym floor, the impact of that heavy barbell poses a very real risk of cracking and causing serious structural damage to the brittle floor surface. However, if a weightlifter is performing a workout with rubber weight mats in place over the existing floor, a dropped barbell would instead land on the soft rubber matting and the damage will be minimized. These weight training mats would receive the force of the impact in place of the floor, greatly reducing the risk of damage. The rubber material in weight room flooring is durable and elastic enough to absorb the harsh physical impact of the barbell, preventing that force from causing immediate harm to the floors.

Some types of floor damage are not immediately obvious. Weight room flooring surfaces can slowly suffer and degrade over time, especially in areas that see high volumes of activity. Tiny cracks can develop beneath the floor's surface from constant pounding, eventually widening into major breakage in the floor. Rubber weight room flooring and matting cover delicate gym floors and protect them from constant impacts during gym goers' workouts each day. The natural elasticity of rubber dispels shocks and vibrations, spreading the force of impact across its surface and stopping wear and tear before it starts. Cover your gym's existing flooring with rubber weight training mats, and enjoy floor protection that is water-resistant, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting.

Is Rubber Weight Room Flooring Comfortable?

While it is no secret that all people eventually get tired from exercising, rubber weight mats can prevent a certain level of fatigue and discomfort during a workout. Since rubber is an elastic and flexible material, rubber weight room flooring helps to protect bodybuilders and weightlifters from injury while simultaneously keeping them as comfortable as possible. This makes rubber flooring ideal for anti-fatigue flooring. The supple rubber surface conforms to your weight and cushions your body as you lift. Soft rubber weight mats can help to relieve built-up pressure and tension in the joints of your feet, ankles, and the lower back area. Thanks to this feature, the soft texture of rubber weight mats allows you to work out for longer periods of time while staying comfortable. Whether you are training for the Olympics or toning up for the summer, rubber weight room flooring supports your legs, feet, back, and joints while you exercise.

What is the Best Rubber Flooring Type for a Weight Room?

Our weight room flooring products come in different forms. We offer weight training mats in rolls, standalone mats, and interlocking tiles. Each type of weight room flooring is designed for easy Do-It-Yourself installations, so you don’t have to waste money on costly installation services. Since weight-rooms need more floor protection, we suggest that you use thicker and more heavy-duty rubber flooring. This is especially true for areas that will get more abuse, like deadlift areas. Prevent long-term injury and enjoy durable floor protection at the same time with our rubber weight mats! We offer a wide selection of rubber weight room flooring, any of which is a cost-effective and affordable choice for any fitness application. You can ensure yourself a safe, comfortable, and efficient workout to help you build that muscle mass! Get tough rubber weight training mats by browsing our recommended products or contacting a Rubber Flooring Expert today!