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Workout Mats

Do You Need a Rubber Mat to Work Out?

People across the country want to exercise and stay healthy. Regular levels of exercise can help people lose excess weight, build muscle mass, improve respiration, and ultimately be happier in everyday life. Workout regimens like cross-fit, aerobics, hot yoga, and high-intensity interval training are becoming more widespread standards of the gym world. However, it is very important to stay safe and comfortable while working out, and that’s why appropriate workout flooring is so important. Rubber is the ideal workout floor. The fitness flooring in a gym or workout area can be the difference between a successful workout and one that ends in injury. To provide the safest and most efficient fitness floors possible, the Rubber Flooring Experts offer a line of rubber workout mats and workout flooring products that are ideal for installation in both commercial and home gyms. In stark contrast to traditional hardwood or concrete floors, rubber fitness flooring offers premium cushioning, shock absorption, and durability for high-impact training. Once educated about the strengths of our durable workout mats, you can confidently decide on which product and thickness might best serve your needs and budget.

Is it OK to Work Out on Carpet or Concrete?

If you’re the type of person who likes to cut corners, you may be wondering if it’s OK to work out on hard surfaces like carpet or concrete, and the simple answer is no. Unfortunately, most exercise areas come with existing surfaces that are not ideal for workout purposes. Hardwood, carpet and concrete surfaces are hard and can be uncomfortable to exercise on, and exercising on them can actually lead to injury. During exercises with frequent movement, hard workout flooring puts strain on the bones and joints in your feet, quickly wearing you out. Performing exercises when exhausted can lead to accidents and considerable injuries. Alternatively, rubber is a supple, elastic material that provides essential cushioning and comfort for high-impact activities like aerobic exercise. This elasticity is the primary reason why rubber is the ideal surfacing material to use for workout mats and fitness floors. When you install rubber workout mats in a home or commercial gym, you are taking steps to actively protect yourself and others from injury. Thanks to its soft and elastic nature, the rubber in our fitness flooring and matting can help to stop joint pain and stress before it starts, allowing you to exercise for much longer periods of time. You will find that rubber workout mats are much more comfortable surfaces to stand and exercise on than compared to bare hardwood floors.

Using Rubber Workout Mats Under Exercise Equipment

Rubber workout mats not only protect people, they are also able to protect heavy exercise equipment and other types of fitness flooring. Exercise equipment such as rowers, steppers, and free-weight equipment are very expensive to acquire, and even more expensive to repair. While these machines may provide you with a great workout, the unfortunate fact is that they can all suffer damage over time when they are used on unforgiving hardwood or cement floors. Without any kind of protective rubber workout flooring in place, machines can suffer structural damage to their bodies like dents and cracks. These can be very expensive to repair. Worse still, you might even have to replace the equipment altogether! When placed underneath gym equipment, rubber workout mats help to prevent such damage by absorbing the vibrations emitted by these machines. Additionally, rubber fitness floors cushion these machines, giving them a safe surface on which to operate. This regular use of rubber workout mats helps to extend the life and performance of your exercise equipment, saving you money in the long run.

Why Rubber Makes the Best Workout Mats

There are many reasons that the best workout mats are made from rubber. The rubber material in our exercise matting incredibly resilient. Workout flooring made from recycled rubber tires provides excellent abrasion resistance. Just as exercise equipment is susceptible to damage, so too is the existing surfacing of the given area. This is especially true when machines like ellipticals or free-weights are present, or when people perform high-impact exercises like aerobics. Workout flooring in gyms and fitness centers constantly receives impacts from such machinery and workouts each day. Carpet, wood, or linoleum floors are relatively brittle and eventually crack under the weight of high-impact workouts and exercise equipment. However, the cushioning from rubber fitness flooring can absorb these impacts, protecting these traditional flooring surfaces from damage. By installing rubber workout mats under gym equipment, you not only prevent damage to the gym machinery, but also to the gym's existing floor as well.

Part of the secret behind the resilience of some of our rubber workout mats lies within the specific type of the rubber used to make them. In many instances, our fitness flooring products are made out of recycled and reclaimed rubber materials. Recycled rubber is a post-consumer product that is made primarily from vehicle tires. Since vehicle tires are designed to be highly durable to withstand various types of rough physical conditions, the workout flooring products made from them inherit that strength and outdoor resistance. Recycled and reclaimed rubber workout mats are able to withstand the high impacts of metal weights and the repetitive abrasions of daily foot traffic.

Our rubber fitness floors are available in varying thickness gauges in order to cover a wide range of possible fitness needs. They also come in very easy-to-install forms such as interlocking tiles and roll-out workout flooring. When you buy rubber workout mats, you’ll get the most out of your exercise routine, regardless of what in entails. High quality rubber fitness flooring will provide you with the necessary safety and comfort to enjoy your workouts while also providing a protective shield for equipment and sub-floors. Turn any ordinary room into a gym when you install rubber workout flooring. Browse our line of the best workout mats on the market or call a Rubber Flooring Expert today!