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"Dura-Scraper Linear" Rubber Doormat

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Are you in need of a rubber doormat that can fully function both indoors and outdoors? Then look no further than the Dura-Scraper Linear! This durable matting is made from natural and reclaimed rubber materials taken from recycled tire rubber. Because tires need to perform in all kinds of outdoor conditions, they are made with high contents of EPDM rubber, a synthetic material that is engineered specifically for outdoor applications. But the mess from the outdoors need not invade your indoor spaces, as this useful rubber runner provides an excellent scraping surface which can effectively remove dirt, grime, and other buildup from the bottoms of shoes! Keep your floors clean year round—no matter what you’re weather conditions are.

In addition to these helpful qualities, the Dura Scraper Linear will increase the safety of your entryways with its non-slip qualities. The surface of this non-slip matting has an increased level of traction, which will prevent slip and fall injuries from occurring. Furthermore, these mats are easy to clean. Mop or hose them down regularly while using common household cleaners for a product which will last you ages! To top it all off, these mats are some of the most affordable on the market, making them a great investment for your home or business, no matter how many you buy!

  • Functional for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Made with both natural and reclaimed rubbers, with high EPDM content
  • Great scraping surface which removes dirt and moisture from the bottom of footwear, preventing messes from coming indoors and onto your clean floors
  • Rubber runner with great non-slip qualities, adding a layer of safety to your entryways
  • Easy to clean with water and common cleaners. Simply mop or hose down regularly.
  • Affordable mats that are a great investment for your home or business


Mat Pricing 1+ 10+ 25+ 100+
3ft x 5ft$69.00$65.55$63.82$60.37
Description:An easy-to-clean, durable, and affordable mat that is ideal for kitchen applications and excels in providing safety and comfort. The EPDM and Natural Rubber Content of these mats make them incredibly-long lasting and a great investment.
Materials:Reclaimed Rubber with EPDM and Natural Rubber Content
Available Size:36-inch by 60-inch
Weight:20 lbs.
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Air Terminals, Anti-Fatigue, Assembly Lines, Banks, Bar Runners, Bathrooms, Cafeterias, Chef Mats, Comfort Floors, Commercial Kitchens, Corridors, Deli Counters, Diners, Fast Food Soda Fountains, Floor Maintenance, Food Preparation, Hallways, High-Traffic Entryways, Industrial Areas, Laundromats, Manufacturing Work Stations, Non-Slip Floors, Outdoor Applications, Pathways., Pool Areas, Protective Matting, Restaurant Flooring, Safety Matting, Scraper Flooring, Showers, Slip-Resistant Flooring, Warehouse Applications, Washrooms.
Easy to Clean:These study rubber mats can be shaken, hosed-off or mopped clean.
Extreme Durability:The materials used to make these mats—reclaimed SBR and natural rubber—are of the highest quality. A Dura-Scraper Linear is perfectly suited to withstand the abuse of an abrasive environment, such as places with excessive moisture and constant foot-traffic. With these mats you won’t have to constantly worry about repair or replacement.
Superior Flooring Option:This product far surpasses other types of available flooring options. The naturally high coefficient of rubber makes this a safer product, and it’s recycled material source makes it more affordable, as well as eco-friendly for any business that is environmentally conscious. The Dura-Scraper Linear is also easy to maintain and will function well in a wide range of applications.
Affordability:Weighed against other flooring options, and considering the long lifespan of the product, these mats are a great investment regardless of the amount you buy—one or a one hundred! Because of the recycled source material found within this product, production costs are significantly reduced and these savings are passed directly down to consumers.
Linear Design:Linear A and Linear B were names given to two related forms of linear Minoan writing discovered 1894-1901. Archaeologist Arthur Evans named the script 'Linear' because its characters consisted simply of lines inscribed in clay, in contrast to the more pictographic and three-dimensional characters in Cretan hieroglyphs that were used during the same period. The use of this word in the name of our product denotes its elegant straight and narrow design. This is a runner that will be well suited for both indoor and outdoor corridors and hallways.
Availability:The Dura-Scraper Linear is always in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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