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Commercial Door Mats – Considerations Before the Purchase

black Dura-Scraper Drainage Mat outside of a door When running a business, it’s always in best practice to put the customers first. That initial first step into the building can be more crucial in their decision-making process than is realized, which is why creating a safe walkway holds significance in the success of your company. Commercial entrance matting comes equipped with a surface that is made to endure through heavy foot traffic, seasonal changes, and all the moisture and grime that it is sure to incur. There are numerous benefits to obtaining and maintaining a commercial entrance door mat for your business. It is also of value to decide which type of mat is most suitable based on the surrounding environment. With the option to utilize either a rubber or carpet mat, you can gain advantages you may not have thought of. A closer comparison can help to ensure you place the ideal surface at the entrance to your company.

Rubber Mats

  1. Rubber commercial door mats are designed with materials that will endure through harsh conditions, standing up to heavy foot traffic and adverse weather.
  2. The durable material will not discolor or fade as a carpet mat might after prolonged use.
  3. The surface is resistant to moisture to prevent slips and accidents from wet flooring.
  4. Rubber mats are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications with the capability to stand up against the sun and rain.
  5. The surface texture of rubber commercial doormats offers a scraping ability that will keep some of the mess from reaching your floors.

black Dura scraper drainage doormat outside of business door Carpet Mats

  1. Carpet mats are built for indoor use only, restricting their use compared to the rubber mats.
  2. While rubber mats can last year-round, carpet mats are more seasonal, living shorter lives.
  3. A benefit to using carpet as your commercial entrance matting is that it comes in multiple colors to match existing décor.
  4. The surface is absorbent to help avoid the possibility of slippery flooring.
  5. Carpet commercial doormats are available in multiple sizes: 2 ft x 3 ft to runners that extend from 6 ft to 50 ft, and everything in between.
  6. They offer a warm and inviting appearance whereas rubber mats supply a basic appeal.

After applying a comparison to rubber and carpet commercial entrance matting, it becomes evident that both are good choices. The ultimate decision relies on the period of use, its specific application, and your preference of color. Ensuring an informed evaluation of which type of commercial entrance door mat best suits your business will keep everyone safer while offering a more inviting and uniform entryway.