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"Ultra Scraper" Commercial Doormat

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

With its unique wave design surface and great traction qualities, the Ultra Scraper commercial entrance mat offers you a cost-effective way of keeping your interior floors protected. These extra large doormats have small holes that allow water to travel through the material and prevent moisture from soiling your indoor area, while its textured waved surface works to remove grime from shoes. The high level of traction found in these commercial doormats allows to provide great slip-resistance in the home or workplace. They are ideal for outdoor use. It is the perfect addition to any entrance area and with its great design; it is certainly worth the investment.

The Ultra Scraper extra large doormats are made from 100% reclaimed rubber materials; their recycled nature sacrifices nothing in terms of strength or reliability. These mats are ensured to have a long lifespan, even in high foot traffic areas and other abrasive conditions. These 3/8-inch thick commercial doormats are sure to provide support for those who stand or work upon them, preventing fatigue throughout the workday. This commercial entrance mat is available in the perfect 3ft x 5ft size, meaning it can be used in larger quantities to easily cover entire floor surfaces or for use in small or individual work stations.

  • 3/8-inch thick commercial entrance mat is sure to prevent fatigue
  • Multiple holes within these rubber mats remove water from surface
  • Unique wave design surface removes dirt from entering your indoor area
  • Promotes safety by removing moisture and adding traction to any surface
  • Composed of reclaimed rubber materials for durability and resistance to wear
  • Sold in a 3ft-by-5ft size which is a molded all one piece commercial entrance mat


Mat Pricing1 +10 +25 +100 +
3/8" x 3ft x 5ft$78.00$74.10$72.15$68.25
Description: Our Ultra-Scraper mat has many features that make it a desirable product for multiple applications. Its durability, drainage capability, enhanced traction, cost-effectiveness, and safety make this product one of our most popular! The Ultra-Scraper mat is made of reclaimed rubber materials which make it an eco-friendly and affordable option for your home or application. These mats will also retain all of the qualities they are designed for regardless of the weather or usage!
Material: Reclaimed Rubber
Sizes: 3 ft. x 5 ft.
Thickness: 3/8 inch
Available Border Colors: Black
Applications:Anti-Slip Floor, Airport Entryways, Barns, Boat Docks, Boats, Car Shops, Concert Venue, Construction Sites, Commercial Door Mat, Colleges, Corridors, Cruises, Eco-Floors, Entrance Mat, Equipment Rental, Farms, Golf Courses, Grocery Stores, Hospital and Medical Buildings, Hotels, Heavy Duty Floor Mats, Inclines, Industrial Buildings, Lumber Yards, Malls, Mountain Resorts, No-Slip Mat Product, Outdoor Events, Outdoor Walkways, Outside Door Mat, Rubber Door Mat, Shop Matting, Ski Resorts, Snow & Ice, Special Events, Storerooms, Traction Flooring, Wet Areas
Finger-Top Surface:The wave design of the Ultra-Scraper mat gives this mat excellent traction. This feature also helps to scrape away dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes and keep the interior of your home clean! The inherent coefficient of friction found in rubber allows the traction of this mat to excel even when wet or moist. The drainage holes also guarantee that moisture will not sit idly on the surface of the mat or compromise its traction capabilities.
Eco:The Ultra-Scraper mat is a highly sustainable product made entirely of reclaimed rubber materials. This makes these mats an extremely affordable and eco-friendly matting option for your home.
Drainage:The drainage holes in this mat allow for liquid to pass through them and away from the surface of the mat. This flow of liquids ensures that less moisture will make it into your home and that anyone who passes through your front door has secure footing.
Safety:The Ultra-Scraper mats offer unrivaled safety due to their durability and traction. Rest assured that when you, your family, or your guests visit your home that they will not lose their footing due to inclement weather as this mat will remain functional regardless of the season.
Cleaning:The resilient rubber surface resists common liquids and can be cleaned by any common commercial or household cleaning agents or hosed or mopped in outdoor applications. Once dried, the product can be reinstalled with ease.
Availability:The Ultra-Scraper mat is generally stocked and will ship within 24 hours.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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