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Anti Fatigue Flooring Mats

Do Your Part and Install Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Workers

person standing brown Anti-Fatigue Mat in a warehouseAs the age-old adage goes: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This notion of synergy can be applied to how an industrial company operates. The owner, supervisors, workers and even the equipment are all “parts” individually, and by themselves are no more significant than the other. But, when working effectively in unison, the skills and efforts of each unit complements the others and, in effect accomplishes tasks well beyond the capabilities of a singular individual.

Thus, every “part” of an industrial operation must be provided with the ideal working conditions in order to effectively run the entire operation. On the labor level of a company, industrial anti-fatigue mats can serve as an excellent accessory to keep workers ready and able to accomplish their duties.

Industrial matting is generally made of rubber, a material that offers measures of safety and comfort which are invaluable in any industrial operation. First off, rubber possesses a natural tack, or grip. This grip can prevent the likelihood of a worker slipping, falling and injuring herself on the production floor. The necessity for a slip-resistant surface increases as a worker becomes more exhausted through a shift and is less precise in her movements. Industrial flooring products play a crucial role in the comfort and the safety of workers.

person doing dishes while standing on bubble top anti-fatigue mat Industrial anti-fatigue mats can help a worker sustain their performance by keep their body comfortable during their workday. Hours of standing and walking take a toll on a worker’s body. The force from hard floor surfaces reverberates through the human body affecting the cartilage that cushions ankle, knee and hip joints, as well the lower back. Besides contributing to a poor night’s rest, the strain may lead to musculoskeletal disorders in the unforeseeable future.

To reduce the bodily strain from prolonged standing and constant walking, industrial matting could be placed at critical locations for a worker. Rubber is inherently shock-absorbent and dampens the impacts that would normally be fully absorbed by the joints. After long periods of standing and walking the body will naturally become fatigued, regardless of the floor surface. But, when a rubber mat is placed under feet, such fatigue is (in the very least) lessened.

By installing industrial flooring products in areas which otherwise lack safe and comfortable floors, workers can perform better and safety conditions improve. With a less fatigued body, a worker is also less prone to work-related accidents and injuries and instead will effectively contribute to the industrial operations. Do your part and utilize industrial matting, so your workers can do theirs.