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"Dura-Scraper Wave" Rubber Door Mat

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Because of the Dura-Scraper Wave’s amazing qualities and capabilities, this rubber door mat is ideal for a large amount of industrial and commercial applications. For starters, at 3/8 inch, this rubber matting is among the thickest of mats, providing a heavy-duty and sturdy surface for anyone to walk, stand, or work upon. It works incredibly well as an entryway mat or as a stand at workstations. The reclaimed SBR and natural rubber materials that go into making this rubber matting among the most durable in the industry! It is sized perfectly at 24 inches x 36 inches, making it suitable for any doorway or any workstation. If you’re in need of a runner surface, use a few of these mats together to cover those longer lengths of flooring.

Along with this host of qualities, the Dura Scraper Wave is incredibly easy to maintain. Simply mop or hose down with water, and use basic cleaning agents to keep it looking like new for years to come! Not only that, but these non-skid mats provide an excellent traction surface and will prevent slip and fall accidents in either the home or workplace. Lastly, you can stray away from dull industrial designs for flooring; this mat stays true to its name with the unique wave design to add a touch of character to the workplace!

  • 3/8 inch heavy duty rubber matting made perfect for industrial and commercial applications
  • Made from sturdy reclaimed SBR and natural rubber materials to make for a long-lasting rubber door mat
  • Sized at 24 inches x 36 inches making it perfect for any sized entryway or workstation
  • Easy to maintain and clean with just water and common cleaning materials
  • With its increased traction, the surface of these non-skid mats will prevent slip and fall accidents in the home and workplace
  • Unique wave design to add character to the aesthetic of the workplace


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2ft x 3ft$38.00$36.10$35.15$33.25
Description:A high-performance yet low-cost scraper mat ideal for any industrial or commercial application in need of slip-proof, water-resistant, and durable flooring. This rubber mat offers an unexpected design for those dull work areas!
Materials:Reclaimed SBR, Natural Rubber
Available Sizes:24-inch x 36-inch
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Slip, Bar Matting, Cafeterias, Car Wash, Cashiers, Comfort Mats, Commercial Foodservice Plants, Cruise Ships, Deli Counters, Factory Assembly Lines, Green Flooring, High-Traffic Entryways, Hospitality, Industrial Machinery, Laundry Floors, Locker Areas, Manufacturing Plants, Non-Skid Mats, Outdoor Applications, Public Pools, Restaurants and Clubs, Safety Floor Mats, Scraper Floors, Shower Rooms, Traction Surfacing, Washrooms, Workstations.
Maintenance:You’ll be hard pressed to find another flooring option out there that requires such minimal maintenance. There is no need for specialty equipment or cleaning supplies when you’re caring for your Dura-Scraper Wave. Although keeping this mat clean will enhance its performance—it will take very little effort!
Why Buy PVC Mats?:PVC Mats (as well as many other types of flooring) are simply not beneficial to the environment. Because the Dura-Scraper Wave mats are made from reclaimed and natural materials, they are a great alternative for the environmentally-conscious consumer. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, commonly referred to as vinyl, is one of the most hazardous consumer products ever created.
Safety and Comfort:These mats excel at providing comfort and protection to all who work or walk upon them. They will support the body and offer a surface with increased traction, which is a quality that will help prevent slips and falls. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [2009], the incidence rate of lost-workday injuries from slips, trips, and falls was 38.2 per 10,000 employees. Slips, trips, and falls as a whole are the second most common cause of lost-workday injuries in hospitals.
Wave Design:The fluid design that replicates the gentle ebb and flow of water is going to make an interesting focal point for anyone to look at. But this design serves a lot more than just aesthetics! The waves are ribbed rubber and are indented into the mat itself providing channels upon which feet can be scraped. The true beauty of this design is its functionality—the Dura-Scraper Wave will help to keep internal floors free of debris, which can and will reduce cleaning costs
Availability:The Dura-Scraper Wave is always in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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