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Entrance Door Mat

A Commercial Entrance Mat Keeps Moisture and Dirt Out of Your Business

Red Carpet in front of commercial buildingA commercial entrance mat placed at the door of your establishment ensures the safety of your employees and visitors. With rainy season getting into full swing, it’s important for businesses to first realize and acknowledge the safety risks that wait at your door.

In 2010, Liberty Mutual compiled a report which identified the top causes of serious workplace injuries. The report revealed that 15.7 percent of workplace injuries occurred as a result of slipping and falling. Slipping and falling is the second highest cause of injury in the workplace, topped only by overexertion which accounted for 25.1 percent of injuries ( Although the report applies specifically to a business’ employees, the dangers of slipping and falling still loom large for anyone entering the establishment.

Unrolling some commercial doormats for your business’ entrance areas is a simple, yet effective, way to combat the risk of slipping and falling as a result of a wet floor. When it rains, or even when you step on damp grass, a thin layer of water lines the bottom of your shoes. Upon contact with a slick surface, that thin layer of water prevents traction with the floor and someone can consequently slip.

Blue Carpet Mat outside of Business DoorUnlike concrete or stone, a rubber commercial entrance mat serves as an excellent water- and slip-resistant surface. Rubber’s high coefficient of friction guarantees more grip and traction even with rain-soaked shoes. An entrance mat is also rubber-backed, which means the mat won’t slide under you. Several of our mats feature raised surface treads that further add traction. The raised surface treads also function to reduce the amount of moisture on someone’s shoes, ensuring that wetness and moisture stay out of your business. Dry floors are certainly safer floors.

Commercial doormats doubly function to keep dirt and debris from griming up your floors. The same surface protrusions that collect excess water also collect the dirt, dust and debris found on the sole of someone’s shoe. You won’t have to worry about mopping up a trail of footprints or sweeping up some dirt. The rubber entrance mat stores the dirt, dust and debris under the surface treads, which allows you to simply hose off the mat at the end of the day.

The wet season always rains down many safety risks to knock at your door. Fortunately, you can easily send them packing by laying down a commercial entrance mat at your business’s doorstep. The water- and slip-resistance of rubber reduces the risks of slipping, falling and injuring one’s self. In this way, your patrons and employees could walk into your business and truly leave their troubles at the door.