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Carpet Mats

What Are Carpeted Floor Mats For?

Most of us are familiar with the traditional doormats and scratchy welcome mats at the front doors of homes, but what about commercial businesses? Unlike home welcome mats, commercial doormats focus on providing large and safe walking surfaces. Locations that see high volumes of foot traffic are much more intense than residencies, and people entering commercial establishments do not always have the time to stop and wipe their feet. In addition to cleanliness, owners of restaurants, hotels, and other commercial businesses also must worry about potential injuries and the accompanying liability concerns. Business owners are responsible for keeping their customers and employees safe, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly. For this reason, commercial locations benefit most from using separate outdoor and indoor doormats. While outdoor doormats aim to scrape dirt and debris from shoes, indoor carpet mats absorb any excess moisture that is tracked inside. This ensures a dry, slip-free walking surface, keeping your employees and customers safely on their feet while the floors of your business remain spotlessly clean.

Do You Place Carpet Mats Inside or Outside?

Unlike traditional doormats, commercial carpet mats are meant to be placed indoors. This is mainly due to the sensitive carpet surface, which cannot endure the elements and should not be left outside. Place carpet mats just inside the entrance to your home or business for the best results. Each carpeted floor mat features a flexible rubber backing with raised edges, which is made from a blend of natural and reclaimed rubber materials. Use of these materials is not only an eco-friendly option, but an affordable option as well. The carpet mats’ rubber backing serves two main functions: enhancing traction beneath the doormat and containing the moisture that is absorbed by it. One of the key advantages rubber has over other materials is its high coefficient of friction. Higher friction results in better traction, and thus better slip-resistance compared to other doormat materials. This quality prevents the carpet mats from sliding out of place regardless of whether the subfloor is carpet, tile, linoleum, or another material entirely. This ensures that the indoor doormats do not slide around, allowing your employees and guests to pass over them in safety and in confidence. Containing moisture is another incredible capability because the carpet mat’s main purpose is to absorb moisture. Without the mat’s rubber backing, moisture could easily spill out onto the dry floors. Instead, the indoor doormat’s raised edges trap moisture on the mat until it evaporates to eliminate any potential risks.

Do Carpeted Floor Mats Absorb Moisture?

The biggest difference between carpet mats and other types of entrance mats is their absorbency. While carpet is not an expert shoe scraper like coir or rubber doormats, a carpeted floor mat instead offers fast-drying absorbency to keep the floors of your establishment clean and dry. It is incredibly important to prevent moisture from entering any building – especially a commercial business – because of the potential damage and hazards that it brings with it. Water poses serious slip-and-fall risks, and it can cause costly damage to certain floor types. Our rubber backed carpet mats eliminate these risks by absorbing the moisture that is tracked inside on peoples’ shoes. The ultra-absorbent polypropylene carpet surface soaks up any moisture, which is then trapped on the mat by its rubber backing. This keeps the moisture contained and prevents it from spilling out onto the floor. The thin polypropylene surface dries quickly, allowing the indoor doormats to absorb moisture several times throughout the day without overflow.

What Size Should a Carpeted Floor Mat Be?

Rubber backed carpet mats also bring a simple aesthetic appeal to any location. Our carpet mats are available in a wide selection of colors and sizes to ensure a match for any home, office, store, restaurant, or business. These water absorbing mats are available in sizes as small as 16” by 24” (smaller than the average welcome mat) or as large as 4ft x 6ft to accommodate various establishments. We offer, 16”x24”, 18”x30”, 24”x36”, 36”x60” and our largest size which is a 48”x72” carpet mat. Carpet mats are well-suited for virtually any location, so long as they are placed in the inside entrance. Place a carpeted floor mat inside your business during rainy weather, or keep one by the back door of your home. Big or small, you will find that indoor doormats can make an incredible difference in the safety and cleanliness of your home or business. Carpet mats can even be placed in the doorways of restrooms, kitchens, and locker rooms to promote safety in these moisture-prone locations.

How Do You Clean Rubber Backed Carpet Mats?

If you have never used a carpeted floor mat before, the thought of cleaning one may be very intimidating. Though they may seem delicate, carpet mats are actually extremely durable and easy to clean! In fact, these indoor doormats are actually easiest to clean outdoors! Carpet mats can be shaken, vacuumed and even cleaned with some light moisture (i.e. moist towel). Since all of our carpet mats are rubber backed, the backing can be cleaned easily. Just make sure that you do not damage the carpet with excessive moisture (i.e. hosing it down) or caustic chemicals that can affect the color of the carpeted mats.

How to Choose a Rubber Backed Carpet Mat

Which carpeted floor mat you choose should depend on your location as well as your preferences. For example, a public restroom may require a larger mat than the entrance to a home backyard, and a retail store may opt for a more appealing color than a gas station or locker room. Matching the entry doors with the size of the carpet mat is a great idea. In addition, if your space is branded with a specific color, it is nice to pick a carpet mat that matches the colors of your space. Carpet mats are available in a range of colors and sizes to ensure a match for any home or business. Whether you’d like a blue welcome mat-sized option or an extra-large, charcoal colored commercial doormat, The Rubber Flooring Experts have indoor doormats that are perfect for each and every location. Browse our diverse selection of rubber backed carpet mats, or contact a Rubber Flooring Expert today!