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Non-Slip Flooring

What is Rubber Non-Slip Flooring?

Wet spots and slippery areas can be common sights in commercial stores, public facilities, and retail malls. Unfortunately, wet flooring has the potential to become a serious hazard for a business, causing both employees and customers to suffer accidents. Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of injuries, and business owners should take every step possible to prevent such hazards with non-slip flooring or matting. You can increase safety in problematic areas by installing one of our rubber non-slip flooring mats in entrances, walkways, and other high-traffic areas. The Rubber Flooring Experts offer a wide selection of non-slip floors that make for more secure, safe, and affordable flooring solutions while adding life to your existing commercial area. Our non-slip rubber matting products allow you to focus on the most important aspects of your business instead of constantly worrying about the safety of your customers and employees.

What is the Best Non-Slip Flooring?

The secret behind the best non-slip flooring lies within the rubber material used to make it. One of the unique features of rubber is that it has a very high coefficient of friction with the soles of feet and footwear. Thanks to this friction, when you walk over non-slip rubber matting, your feet will experience an improved level of grip and traction that they would not experience on unprotected floors like tile, laminate, or even concrete. Slips and falls are caused by unintended movement of your feet. The high friction from rubber non-slip floors counteracts these kinds of accidental movements and keep your feet in place, preventing you from slipping and falling. The best non-slip flooring helps maintain your balance, preventing you from experiencing slip accidents. The rubber material of our non-slip flooring products provides just enough friction to keep you standing upright and stable on your two feet, especially while walking around.

Are Textured Rubber Floors Non-Slip?

Non-slip flooring and mats can also come with unique surface textures that enhance the level of grip and traction that is already present with the rubber. Surface textures are great for improving traction because they provide additional gripping points to increase the overall amount of friction between your feet and the non-slip flooring. Since friction is based on the unevenness of a surface, the texturized designs result in a surface that provides even more traction gain, allowing your feet to securely grip the non-slip rubber matting. The friction from textured non-slip flooring helps you maintain balance while standing or moving. While all surface textures are designed to fulfill the same overall function of improving traction, some designs are better suited towards specific settings or applications. Some of our non-slip floors have textures that are geared towards maintaining traction on ramps and inclines. Other surface textures feature drainage holes, or corrugated ribs that can both scrape shoes and lead moisture away from the non-slip rubber matting. Some textures are even favored for their appearance, with rugged aesthetics that make them better-suited for commercial or industrial settings.

Can Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Get Wet?

Our inventory of non-slip flooring is designed to provide superior safety and protection, even during moist and inclement weather conditions. Other types of flooring typically become slippery and dangerous with moisture from rain and other forms of precipitation. In addition to putting people at risk of slipping and falling, this moisture can also cause mold and mildew to develop in the floor, which can impact the health of employees and customers. However, non-slip rubber matting does not have this problem, as rubber is naturally water resistant and does not absorb moisture. This is why our rubber mats and non-slip floors maintain their great traction and perform well even during rain and other wet conditions. Rubber’s resistance to water also prevents mold and mildew from developing in the floor. Since rubber naturally comes with a high coefficient of friction and maintains high amounts of friction even when wet, it is naturally a superior choice of material for non-slip flooring options. Another way our non-slip flooring can minimize the slip hazards presented by water is through the inclusion of drainage holes. Some of our matting products come with drainage holes located across their surfaces. This type of non-slip flooring is ideal for conditions that see excess levels of moisture. The holes drain through any liquids on the surfaces of the mats in order to prevent an excessive and dangerous build-up of moisture. This only serves to enhance the area’s overall level of non-slip safety because it keeps the top surface of the non-slip rubber matting clear of liquids and safe to walk on. Instead of wading through puddles, your feet can enjoy the safe traction of the rubber matting.

Can Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Be Used Outdoors?

Non-slip flooring made from rubber is ideal for outdoor use. Rubber non-slip floors, especially those that contain recycled rubber materials, demonstrate excellent resistance to UV rays, ozone, water, and other harsh elements. Rubber mats do not degrade in outdoor conditions due to the environmental conditions, making for a product that is durable and slip-resistant. Reclaimed and recycled rubbers are primarily made from used vehicle tires which are made to last under harsh outdoor conditions. Since tires are designed to operate in a variety of harsh environments, and this strength is transferred over to our non-slip flooring products. They can be used in outdoor conditions without you having to worry about their integrity in the face of the elements.

What is the Safest Flooring?

Regardless of the specific design, our non-slip rubber matting adds considerably more security even in the most hazardous areas. Make sure your customers can walk safely through your store or office by installing rubber non-slip flooring and runners in well-traveled areas. Using durable rubber mats indoors or outdoors is not just a long-lasting and cost-effective non-slip flooring solution; it is also a form of insurance for any application. Invest in the safety of your customers and employees by exploring our selection of the safest flooring products!