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Garage Flooring

What is the Best Flooring for a Garage?

Home gyms, workshops, makeshift laundry rooms…there are lots of ways to use your garage. Regardless of how it’s used, it is very important to make sure that your garage area is fit for purpose. One way to ensure that your garage is safe and in good working order is by making sure that it has the best flooring available. In many case, that will mean installing rubber garage flooring. Some may think that the usual concrete is perfectly safe and comfortable as a flooring surface for your garage. Concrete may look durable, but it is far from a suitable flooring option. No other type of flooring in a garage beats the strength, comfort, and easy installation process of rubber garage flooring. If you’re looking for multi-purpose floor protection, the best options come in the form of rubber rolls, mats, and tiles to suit a wide variety of applications within the garage. Most rubber garage floor products are made from natural, recycled, or reclaimed rubber. This makes them sustainable and environmentally friendly. Designed for rough and abrasive applications, rubber flooring for garage floors will survive through the rigors of excessive moisture, heavy equipment, and all foot-traffic conditions. A rubber garage floor created from recycled rubber, which is made up of material from recycled tires, will be especially UV and ozone resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. While rubber garage flooring might be in the dark most of the time, there is potential for it to be hit by the elements, so that durability comes in handy.

Is Rubber Garage Flooring Resistant to Moisture?

One thing that is especially useful in regards to rubber garage flooring is its ability to resist moisture. This is just one reason that a rubber garage floor provides the perfect surface solution. Even in the warmest states, garages can be affected by inclement weather. If there is heavy rainfall, this can even seep under a garage door and into the space. In some regions, moisture comes up out of the soil and through the small cracks of a concrete garage floor. While excessive levels of moisture can cause mold and mildew to develop on certain materials, a rubber garage floor will prevent that from happening. Rubber prohibits the presence of microbial agents. In this way, rubber garage flooring will help to keep the area safer and healthier.

What is the Most Durable Garage Flooring?

Another great quality of rubber garage flooring is that it is made from a very durable material. Recycled tire rubber is a particularly tough kind of material, made mostly from vehicle tires. Tire rubber is made to be physically durable for all different kinds of conditions. This trait is passed on to the rubber garage flooring produced from the tires. In a garage, you will want an increased level of longevity against physical harm, because such areas tend to see heavy objects and lots of activity. Rubber flooring for garage floors acts as a rugged shield for the existing floors against objects that may cause damage. Cracks in concrete can be very expensive to repair, so covering the sensitive surface with rubber garage flooring will help save you any future repair costs. Rubber flooring for garage floors can even help protect heavy storage equipment from hard concrete, by providing a flexible and protective surface. So, whether you use your garage to store Christmas decorations and High School yearbooks, to park your car, or as a state-of-the-art home gym, your rubber garage floor will be up to the challenge.

Is Rubber Garage Flooring Comfortable?

Rubber garage flooring also offers comfort and anti-fatigue cushioning which can alter the profile of concrete. By laying rubber flooring for garage floors over the top of the regular concrete, you can transform the surface from cold and solid to a warm and hospitable floor. Rubber is a naturally elastic material, so a rubber garage floor will easily be able to absorb shock and vibration. This can be useful for any number of applications. Anti-fatigue comfort is a very important quality to have in any floor, and this is a quality rubber garage flooring readily provides. The garage is a portion of the house that can see a lot of physical activity. When people stand or walk around for extended periods of time, they tend to suffer from fatigue in their feet and lower back. Rubber garage flooring can help prevent that due to its inherent elasticity. The material helps to relieve pressure and fatigue that builds up in the sensitive joints in your body. Install rubber garage flooring to prevent physical strain, no matter what you are using your garage for. The grip, padding and impact resistance provided by a rubber garage floor makes it perfect for a home gym, where the floor needs to be able to support pounding feet and heavy gear. The anti-fatigue cushioning offered can also make it ideal for uses such as the surface of a workshop, to provide relief when you might be on your feet for long periods.

What is the Best Way to Cover a Garage Floor?

Another reason that rubber flooring is perfect for garage floors can be installed by almost anyone, and it can be installed over your existing floors. Purchase flooring according to the dimensions of your garage to make installation easier and more cost effective! Instead of hiring professional installers or dealing with excess material, buy rubber garage flooring in custom-cut rolls or interlocking tiles for an easy “Do-It-yourself” project. Interlocking tiles have become a very popular flooring choice lately. When it comes to installing rubber garage flooring, it does not get any more DIY than interlocking tiles. They lock into each other using either connector pins or border designs. The benefit of interlock matting is that they are very portable and can be moved from one area to another as you see fit.

With clear benefits like these, there is no reason why you should settle for concrete. No matter what you use your garage for – a gym, workshop, laundry room, or something completely different – the benefits of a rubber garage floor will be clear to see from day one! Reinvent your garage with durable and affordable rubber garage flooring. Call a Rubber Flooring Expert today, or browse our top-selling items!