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Soft Play Surfaces

Soft Play Surfaces and Soft Rubber Mats Will Be Your Dog’s Best Friend!

red Eco sport interlocking rubber flooring tiles If you’re a pet owner you’ve probably had to deal with finding a good and loving day care for your pet. There are some places that cannot accommodate some animals and you’ve had to worry about how they will be taken care of when you’re away. Whether it was for a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation, you had to be separated from your darling Milo, Spot, or Buddy. When choosing a pet care location pay special attention to the accommodations that they have set up for your pet and the hundreds of other furry friends they care for. The best flooring is one that will provide padding for your dog’s paws and is resistant to chewing and dog slobber. Soft rubber mats are naturally ideal for dogs due to the qualities found in rubber compounds. Rubber is impact resistant so it will not fall apart even if curious animals are stomping or scratching it. It is also water resistant, meaning that the facility will be more sanitary—any puppy accidents can be easily cleaned, and odors will not be absorbed into the flooring.

In contrast to hard concrete flooring, rubber mats also provide support for your large animal’s muscles and joints. Larger dogs, horses, and zoo animals all require soft and comfortable surfaces. Bedding is less about sheets and pillows and more about durable yet soft rubber mats. Therefore, the weight of the animal directly influences the thickness of the rubber floor used in the bedding area. Horse stalls are often covered with 1” inch or ¾” inch thick rubber surfacing, whether it is interlocking rubber mats or simply 4ft by 6ft hardy mats. It should be noted that rubber matting with perforations are also available to offer soft play surfaces in areas that may see excessive dampness. Even though zoo animals are now housed in “natural” settings, these surfaces still are less dirt and more concrete jungles. Rubber floor mats offer soft and safe floors in lieu of the real thing!

Healthy animals are always active, and it is important that there is ample cushion for their rambunctious activities. Soft play surfaces will reduce chances of injury and encourage playful fun in the animal’s home. Even if your dog is getting up there in dog years, the soft and safe floors will be good for reducing any discomfort in its joints.