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Bar Runner Mat

A Bar Runner Mat Helps Your Patrons Skip the Slips and Swallow Shots!

Red Safe Grip Anti Slip Rubber matting underneath sink Unrolling a bar runner mat along the perimeter of your bar counter can prevent your patrons from slipping and sliding onto the wet and unforgiving floor. The bar area may actually be the most hazardous area in a pub!

It’s not uncommon to find spilled shots of tequila and the overflowing foam from a draft drip off the counter, past the towering stools, and onto the floor. Now, consider the drinkers, swaying like drunken pendulums, shuffling on the wet floor. Matters get exponentially worse when the bar is busy and patrons push and shove for a glass of their sweet, sweet nectar. I myself admit to desperately tip-toeing through the crowd, trying to catch the attention of a bartender who always seems to be playing hard-to-get.

An event of a slip or fall is likely, if not imminent. The patrons that just a second ago were busting a move on the dance floor or shooting the eight-ball into the corner pocket are now writhing in pain on the floor from a slip. There will be no more shots of vodka but instead a shot of anesthetic for a fractured hip bone. And, don’t forget about an impending lawsuit.

Bar matting is a simple solution to avert the disastrous event of a slip or fall. A rubber mat is a worthwhile investment that promotes safety and saves you money. Here are some reasons why a bar runner mat keeps the tap flowing:

  • black Safe Grip anti slip rubber matting under toiletSlip-resistance: Areas around the bar are bound to get wet and slippery. You could probably tell your bartenders to try to keep it in the glass but you can’t expect your patrons to. Since you can’t control that factor, manage the factor you can control: the floor surface. Rubber flooring mats maintain a safe, nonslip floor.

    Bar mats are made of rubber, a material highly valued for its traction. Due to its high levels of friction rubber makes sure that your patrons won’t slip. Unlike when compared to harder surfaces, like laminate flooring, even when moist or wet rubber runners still offer grip to your clientele. Our rubber runners’ textured surfaces further prevent slippages.

  • Visual definition: In the dim lowlight of bars or pubs, it’s often difficult to see where you are stepping and what you’re stepping on. Put on a pair of beer goggles and the difficulty is amplified. Bar matting can serve as an indicator for pathways near-the-bar areas. Our mats have visually-defined borders that delineate slippery zones especially in dim light. Better yet, pick a black rubber mat if you do not want the safety rubber floor to stand out.
  • Floor protection: As regulars tread around your bar, the floor takes constant scuffs and steps that will damage the integrity of the flooring. Combined with moisture, treading on a harder floor surface will slowly chip away at the material, leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

    Rubber bar matting protects your floor from damage by serving as a cushiony barrier between the shuffling feet of inebriated customers and the floor surface. Rubber is extremely durable and resilient to water and welcomes the abuse of foot traffic. Rubber mats are affordable enough to protect your floors.

  • Easy Installation: Rubber mats are heavy enough that glues and adhesives are not needed. Rubber runners can be unrolled and with a little double sided tape on the edges and entryways the flooring is installed. Our rubber floor mats are installed in-a-jiffy.

The safety of a bar runner mat keeps your patrons enjoying the conversation instead of falling down to the floor. Runners are easily installed by rolling them along the perimeter of your bar area with no adhesives needed. They are also easy to clean, making them a low-maintenance yet long-term investment. Roll some runners out so your drinkers can skip the slips and swallow their shots!