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8 Ways Commercial Rubber Matting Can Help Your Retail Space

Chef using fryer while standing on Black Dura-Chef Kitchen MatGenerating profit and catering to the needs of customers are a few reasons why you want your commercial retail store — or any business, for that matter — to have long-term success. No matter what kind of business you run keeping the space clean, comfortable, and safe is the best way to ensure that your business fulfills its mission. Commercial rubber matting can help.

No matter what precautions you take with tile, vinyl, or linoleum floors, accidents will always happen. Merchandise may be dropped and broken, or a customer may slip while walking down an aisle. These accidents and many other risks all come with the territory of running a commercial retail store. Take precautions to protect your store, your customers, and your money, by Investing in commercial rubber mats for demanding applications! It is an affordable and efficient way to minimize profit loss and maintain customer satisfaction.

Check out these 8 important ways that commercial rubber flooring can protect your business from some common risks.

  1. Cushioning: Rubber is naturally elastic, which means that it absorbs impacts and vibrations easily. As commercial rubber matting, rubber acts as a buffer between harsh, unforgiving floors and falling merchandise. Shield your goods from damage and minimize profit loss by investing in rubber flooring for your store.
  2. Floor Protection: After weathering years of constant foot traffic every commercial floor needs repairs. Tough rubber flooring can also prevent scratches, unsightly breakage, and accumulated water damage. Save time and money on floor replacement by installing a protective layer of commercial rubber flooring.
  3. Slip Resistance: Rubber’s high coefficient of natural friction, makes it an ideal mating for any commercial area, especially large entryways and aisles. Commercial rubber matting, because it is naturally slip resistant, effectively limits the risk of slips and prevents disastrous injuries so that your customers and employees can shop or work in complete safety.
  4. Red Dura-Chef mat in a commercial kitchen on orange tileAnti-Fatigue Comfort: Standing and walking on a hard surface for a prolonged period of time can strain your feet, legs and joints. Add anti-fatigue rubber flooring to your store to offer cushion and comfort to weary employees and customers. This will lead to happy, satisfied customers and efficient, productive employees!
  5. Easy Installation: Installing interlocking rubber tiles or custom cut rubber flooring is easier than any other commercial flooring option. By purchasing rubber flooring in these Do-It-Yourself forms you’ll save the costs of installation and future repairs. Custom rubber flooring rolls, in particular, offer seamless, resilient surface protection in custom-cut lengths to easily fit the size of your commercial floor area.
  6. Easy Cleaning: Rubber is inherently water resistant. Liquids and other messes settle on the surface of commercial rubber flooring without leaking through or damaging the rubber layer. As a result, cleaning up messes becomes a quick and effortless task. Rubber flooring is also impervious to mold and mildew.
  7. Durability: Rubber, whether in the form of anti-slip flooring or anti-fatigue mats, is extremely durable. Many rubber flooring products these days are made from recycled rubber tires, giving them extraordinary toughness and long life. Save the cost of replacing your floor by making sure your commercial rubber matting is made from the most durable rubber material available.
  8. Extra Drainage: Some rubber mats are designed for special applications such as commercial kitchens or warehouses. For areas where standing water and slippery floors are an issue, higher quality rubber mats may contain large drainage holes that allow liquid to seep through the surface of the mat. Rubber drainage mats will keep your store’s floors dry and offer slip resistance where it matters most.

Commercial rubber mats and flooring provide time-saving, cost-efficient, injury-preventing benefits for every business, no matter your niche! Minimize your lost profits and maximize your customer satisfaction the easy way: invest in long-lasting rubber flooring for your commercial retail space. It will be one of the best business decisions you ever make.