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Soft Floor Mats

Soft Floor Mats Turn Hard Floors into a Soft Play Area for your Kids!

Blue Eco Safety Rubber tiles for jungle gym playground for kids For those of you that have toddlers or are expecting, placing soft floor mats in dodgy areas of your home can stave off some of the hazards that pose a threat to your little loved ones!

Today we have to be conscious, more than ever, of any and every potential risk that could endanger our kids. We place rubber bumpers on absolutely every edge, dull or sharp, to protect our kids from getting jabbed or poked. We set up baby-proofed gates at absolutely every door threshold in our house, giving a kid no other option than to stay put. Some of us even install baby-proof locks on our toilet to halt any infantile diving expeditions! Baby proofing our houses is an industry on its own!

Granted, our child care seems to have taken a paranoid, or even obsessive-compulsive, turn but we all know it’s only for the best. Prevention is always the best cure and we don’t want to wait for our kids to hurt themselves before acknowledging a threat.

Blue Eco Safety Interlocking Rubber tiles under jungle gymA hard floor surface is a household danger to your child. A material like tile and hardwood are unforgiving to slips and falls. Often these floors are very stiff and cold. To remedy the threat and discomfort of hard floors you should lay down some soft mats wherever these hard surfaces are possibly traversed by children. Here are some applications of where you could lay down soft floor mats:

  • Place them around the perimeter of their crib or your bed, if they sleep with you. This is an excellent way to preempt any potential falls and injuries. Mats made of rubber act as a shock-absorbing cushion from hard floor surfaces. The most fidgety child will be safe from injury, letting you sleep easier. Rubber mats make otherwise cold hardwood floors a little more forgiving.
  • Lay them on your bathroom floor. The combination of moisture, slick floors and hard surfaces makes the bathroom a hazard for your child. Soft mats provide traction due to rubber’s high coefficient of friction. Areas that do get wet can benefit from either nonslip or supporting rubber mats.
  • Cover their play area floors with mats. The beauty of rubber mats is that they can be easily installed then packed up for storage. If you’re in the family room watching TV, the rubber floor mats provide a soft floor for them to play on. If they want to play with their toys in their nursery, you could bring it up there, too. With rubber flooring, you can set up a soft play area anywhere.

You can get creative with the uses of soft floor mats but the most important function is to ensure your child’s safety from harmful and potentially injurious slips and falls. Invest in soft mats to keep your child nestled in your arms rather than crying in an emergency room.