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Rubber Runners

Rubber Runners Help Keep Your Pub Cozy and Safe!

Black Tuff n Lastic anti slip underneath equipment toolAnyone who has ever worked in the restaurant business knows that it’s not only important to provide great food, it’s also important to jazz up your eatery ambiance; especially if you run a neighborhood joint! Your customers come to drink and dine in a comfortable environment and enjoy your restaurant’s theme—no matter if it’s modeled as a Brooklyn pizza parlor, a ritzy Parisian café, or an Irish Pub! When you belong to a locality you are a part of the area. You are responsible for the people who visit; it is assumed you have earned their trust, to provide good food and a safe environment. A local pub is more of principal location that all locals visit and less of a “Speak Easy” (what watering holes were called during the Prohibition)! We think that providing a safeguard in terms of flooring is essential in offering “hospitality” to your clients. Non-skid runners are essential to any indoor or outdoor safety campaign.

Tuff n Lastic anti slip flooring under ladder toolOne of the reasons that many people choose to eat at a particular location is because it reminds them of home. Maybe that Greek place reminds them of where they grew up, or maybe that Italian place smells just like grandma’s house. Either way, that cozy feeling of home is what keeps them coming back. One way to make sure they feel welcome is by providing outdoor safety throughout the wet months. Snow and rain are so much more hazardous after customers have had a few drinks. Good rubber runners help protect indoor and outdoor areas during risky months and less disciplined times.

One way to make your restaurant the perfect neighborhood eatery is by changing up the interior décor. Instead of blank white walls, why not try painting them a friendly, welcoming color, like yellow or lavender? You can also add a few centerpieces, like some candles or a vase of flowers, to make your table settings more attractive. One thing that you really can’t overlook is floor matting. Hard tiles can give off a cold, sterile vibe, and you definitely don’t want your customers to be reminded of a hospital when they step foot in your restaurant! Plus, tile is an unsafe material to begin with; it can get very slippery, making it a hazard for busy waiters and waitresses! You can provide that household feel AND a much safer environment with rubber backed carpet runners. The rubber will grip the floor securely, keeping busy feet from slipping on the occasional spilled drink. The carpet on top is also a lot cozier, much more so than linoleum or tile! These soft-top rubber runners are sure to make your restaurant the next “go-to” location for anyone looking for a relaxing and comfortable meal out on the town!