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Playground Rubber Flooring

Playground Rubber Flooring and Your Community: A Precautionary Tale

person sitting on green eco sport tile while stretchingChildren are little miracles — miracles in the sense that they always manage to get themselves into trouble, no matter how closely you think you’re watching them. My nieces and nephews are always finding ways to clog the kitchen sink, flood the bathroom, and turn the living room walls into works of art. Let’s face it, kids get into all kinds of things.

As a community you can’t prepare for everything. Outdoor playground rubber flooring, however, can give your local playground some necessary security. From community swimming pools to leaky lawn sprinklers, children and water can be a dangerous combination. Children have seemingly endless supplies of energy; they love running around which can be dangerous in wet patches and slippery areas. Hard concrete, asphalt, and packed dirt are painful surfaces on which children may fall and hurt themselves. Luckily, playground rubber flooring is ideal for all kinds of slippery situations!

Outdoor rubber play matting is incredibly durable because it is most often made from recycled and reclaimed rubber products. Rubber vehicle tires are manufactured to survive inclement weather, uneven roads, UV rays, ozone, and other abrasive elements. This kind of durability goes into rubber playground surfaces and, as a result, makes rubber play mats tough enough to sit under heavy playground equipment year round.

Eco Sport interlocking rubber flooring tiles underneath foosball table in game roomRubber displays many other qualities that are perfect for community playgrounds. Rubber, because of its high coefficient of natural friction, is a slip resistant material. Slippery areas can ruin everyone’s fun when children are running around, climbing on play structures, and chasing each other at your local park. Install soft playground flooring made with rubber at parks and playgrounds to protect your kids and their friends from serious injury. Playground rubber flooring made with water-resistant rubber will stop these accidents before they even happen!

Rubber playground matting is also tremendously flexible and elastic. As a result, rubber mats and flooring are extremely useful as covers for hard and unforgiving ground in outdoor areas. Rubber playground matting creates a barrier with some give and flexibility — the perfect floor surface to protect your kids from broken bones and concussions when they are playing outside. Soft playground flooring will absorb the shock of heavy tumbles and support your children when they hit the ground. Quality playground flooring will be rated for fall heights — the higher the rating is the farther children can fall without suffering serious injuries.

In addition to its numerous safety features, playground rubber flooring is affordable and easy to install. Available in rubber flooring rolls or interlocking tiles, playground flooring is designed for easy Do-It-Yourself installation. Interlocking rubber tiles are particularly easy and can be connected using a simple interlocking pin mechanism. You can fit this flooring to the size and shape of the playground without worrying about costly installation or excess material!

Remember, your community park can’t plan for everything but take precautionary measures by installing shock-absorbent rubber flooring at local parks, schools, and playgrounds. With the addition of rubber flooring, children can play to their little hearts’ content without their parents usual need for worry!