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Entrance Matting

A Commercial Entrance Matting System Lets Your Business Breathe

Door Scraper Mat on cement outside of an office buildingSetting up a commercial entrance matting system can help you breathe better, literally. An effective system of entrance mats can actually improve indoor air quality. You probably think I’m a lunatic. How can door mats, which obviously lie on the floor, improve indoor air quality? Before you send me off to an asylum, read on and understand how entrance mats effect the air you breathe.

With the exception of reclusive hermits, it’s fair to say that many people do their share of traveling by foot or wheelchair. You may jog every morning with your dog at the local park. For you folks on wheelchairs, you may head to your local coffee shop every morning for a cup of joe. At the very least, people have to walk to their cars, the bus stop, or to their workplace’s lobby. My point is that people (specifically, their feet or wheels) are in constant contact with the filthy surface of the ground.

It goes without saying that the surface of the ground is covered with a lot of nasty stuff. To the naked eye you can identify things like dirt, pet dander or spilled soda decorating the ground. At a microscopic level the ground surface teems with bacteria, viruses and other pollutants. When we walk upon the ground many of the pollutants hitch a ride on the soles of our feet and are transported to wherever we go. A study done by 3M reported that 80% of the dirt tracked into buildings is from the soles of shoes. When they are taken inside a facility those pollutants have no trouble going airborne and into your lungs.

A simple and easy solution to stop unwelcome pollutants at the door is to lay down a system of commercial door mats at the entrance of your business. A commercial entrance matting system is simply the installation of two or three mats at the entrance of your business. The first mat, placed right outside the door, must have a mildly abrasive texture to scrape debris, pollutants and moisture from the shoe. The second and third mats serve to collect any residual pollutants that the first mat left.

Most of the debris and pollutants will collect on commercial entrance matting, which can be easily cleaned outside with a broom or stream of water. By keeping pollutants at bay, you improve the indoor air quality of your business while avoiding the contraction of harmful bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. Throw down some commercial door mats and let your employees and patrons breathe easier.