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Runner Matting

Four Unusual Uses for Our Versatile and Multifunctional Runner Matting

dog with the pink bowl sitting under a coin grip roll flooring Rubber runner matting is a simple, though effective, way to augment floor safety in any applied location. There is no secret to why runner mats promote safety. Our mats are made of rubber which naturally offers excellent traction underfoot. Several of our rubber-backed runners have textured surfaces that further promote keeping a toehold on the floor. The shock-absorbing traits of rubber not only make runners very comfortable to step on but also protect people from injuring themselves on a hard surface.

You’ve probably seen runner matting in areas like hallways and wheelchair ramps at places like airports and swimming centers. Considering that they are extremely versatile, the applications of rubber mats should not be limited to just ramps and hallways; any area could use a little more safety precautions. Here are some of the less common uses for runners:

  1. Black Coin Grip PCV Flooring in a warehouse underneath ladderOn buses: As riders step in and out of the bus cabin, their feet track moisture, dirt, dust, and debris onto the bus floor. These contaminants slowly accumulate, damaging the floor and posing the threat of slippage. A rubber mat installed in the pathway through the bus catches the contaminants, protects the floor from damage, and, most importantly, prevents riders from slipping and falling.
  2. Inside baseball dugouts: If you’ve ever used shoes with cleats you know that dirt, grass, and other debris tend to collect in the spaces between the cleats. The shoe is less effective in regards to grip since the sole is pretty much flush and flat. Placing a rubber runner in a dugout can act as a great scraper that could remove most of the junk that gets caught in cleats. It also serves as a great cushion underfoot when players are idle on the bench.
  3. Along your garden: For you green thumbs out there you probably already know how much kneeling down to garden can take a toll on your body. Whether you are pulling weeds or transplanting some new daffodils, your body undergoes plenty of stress and strain from being in a stationary position for hours. A rubber mat placed alongside your work area acts as an excellent anti-fatigue cushion. You can easily roll it up afterwards when you are finished!
  4. Within nightclubs: As more drinks are sent down the gullet, nightclub goers become increasingly incompetent. Drinks are clumsily spilled and inebriated attendees wobble through a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd of birthday girls, weekend warriors, and socialites. Rubber-backed runners ensure that this tipsy throng of partygoers stays on their feet. The traction provided by the surface of the mat keeps people from slipping; the texture underneath the mat makes sure the mat does not skid.

Runner matting brings safety and comfort to most places your imagination could think up. The slip-resistance and shock-absorbency of rubber runners make the mats a versatile and multifunctional flooring solution. What unusual or creative application can you think of?