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Non Slip Surface

Non-Slip Flooring Keeps Boats Sailing Shipshape!

person standing on black super grip rubber mat outsideIs non-slip flooring a good idea on boats? If you’ve ever gone sailing, whether just recreationally or commercially, you know how busy things can get on board! Water gets everywhere especially when you haul in that prize catch of the day. Certainly no one ever embarks on a sailing trip expecting to stay dry the entire time. The waves are constantly beating against the sides of the boat and all those fish that you’ve caught can splash water onto the top deck surface. The seaside splashes can accumulate a lot of dangerous and slippery areas! Puddles of water lying around on deck can be very hazardous and lead to dangerous slips and falls. To be safe, you can ensure the well-being of everyone on board by installing a non slip surface material, like rubber flooring, to all boat decks.

Because rubber is naturally water resistant and has a high level of surface friction it is an excellent option for marine non slip flooring. Rubber flooring products made with high amounts of recycled rubber contain durable EPDM that can withstand heavy weathering— almost anything out on the open sea from seawater to UV exposure. Not only can rubber flooring protect passengers, but it can also protect the floor of the boat since saltwater can be very damaging to wood decks over time. There are many different types of non slip rubber mats available for boat decks, depending on the need. For heavy usage and very wet areas rubber mats with drainage holes can trap excess water, keeping the surface dry and safe. For less intensive applications a roll-up rubber runner will be perfect for providing some extra footing. One of the best things about rubber flooring is that it is easy to install—just lay down the mats and they will stay put under their own weight! With these non slip flooring options, we are able to help make boating safety easy! This way you can have a good time and a good catch while keeping all hands- and feet- on deck!