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Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats Make a Statement at Local Trade Show

Person Standing on Dura-Chef Black in front of supply shelfThe Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo is a nationwide convention that features everything in the realm of culinary services. From the biggest chain restaurant names, like Subway, to small up-and-coming independent bakeries you will find a whole range of food and drink to explore. Walking through the aisles you can sample the tastes of the world— one row of booths can introduce you to waffles on a stick, guacamole burgers, and vegetarian jerky! The Expo unites all these very different products under one unified vision: the love of food and sharing it with others.

Of course, the success of a restaurant, whether it is an indie corner-shop or a large industry giant, depends largely on its equipment and facilities. Equipment manufacturers will also exhibit just about everything from beer taps and heating lamps to slow roasters and frozen yogurt machines. These are the valuable tools that make producing excellent quality food possible! Some of our durable rubber flooring products that were featured at the Expo included a range of rubber kitchen mats and runners. Of course we were one of the few exhibitors specializing in these products. Cushioned anti fatigue kitchen mats, which are also water resistant and anti-slip, were put on display to remind restaurant owners and managers that one of the most basic and valuable parts of a kitchen is safety flooring. Tiled kitchen floors can be hazardous, especially in the presence of spills, slick floors that are not resistant to oil or water can cause dangerous slips and falls rubber matting can prevent such accidents!

Many people came by the Rubber-Cal booth to check out the various rubber kitchen floor mats and took a few steps onto them to really feel the difference. Those who tested the mats exclaimed that they could feel the cushion and even expressed interest in purchasing them directly on site! It is perhaps over-simplistic to assert that all we do are our rubber mats and flooring when we also offer a host of industrial rubber products. We are not just “Rubber Flooring Experts,” rather, we are experts in rubber sheets, rolls, and their compounds. We know our products at a deeper level than usual distributers of wares to the food and beverage industry. You could call us Rubber kitchen mats and runners experts!