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Bar Rubber Mats

Tales of a Bar Hopper: How Bar Rubber Mats Can Save a Friday Night

person standing on red kitchen grease resistant rubber mat If you are anything like me, your Friday night ritual may go something like this: first, you shower away all the stress you’ve accumulated over the course of the work week. Once you’re clean, you make a few calls to friends to see who has plans for the night. You spend some quality time in front of the mirror, planning your outfit, and messing with your hair. Then you head down to your favorite bar and grill to meet your friends for drinks.

Dining and drinking with friends is always nice after a long, hard week. But bars can be messy and noisy; sometimes that rowdiness outweighs all the fun.

As a seasoned bar hopper I can say with certainty that bar flooring has a lot to do with a bar’s ambiance, noise level, and general state of safety and cleanliness. A bar rubber mat may not be the staple of a traditional dive bar but I find myself liking the quiet bars the most—the bars where you can hold conversations with your friends, enjoy the music, and stumble home happy at the end of the night with the help of a sober designated driver.

person on top of kitchen grease resistant rubber matWhat makes rubber bar flooring so important? For one thing, people who have had too much to drink tend to lack basic faculties and inhibitions and as a result fights often break out. People frequently get thrown across the bar onto the lap of the bartender. Now imagine the bartender in the “Speak Easy” you visit is missing. A well-placed bar rubber mat can prevent drunken injuries by providing a comfortable, impact-absorbing cushion in all of these situations. Rubber matting is the perfect buffer between a drunk person’s head and a cold, unforgiving floor. A missing bartender will never be a concern if the bar is equipped with comfortable rubber mats. It is hard enough to stay on one’s feet and dealing with rambunctious characters for an 8-hour shift, doing so on concrete floors is cruel.

Spills and messes are typical bar problems in and around inebriated characters. With so many socially lubricated individuals packed into one room cups will fall over, beverages will slosh around, and floors will become slippery. Because rubber is inherently slip-resistant, a good bar rubber mat can drastically reduce the risk of slips, falls, and serious injuries. Some rubber bar mats are also equipped with specialized drainage holes that allow liquid to pass directly through the mat. We offer rubber mats for both sides of the bar, in order to keep the patrons and the staff safe and comfortable.

Rubber matting is even useful in noisy, crowded places due to its noise dampening qualities. Rubber, which naturally absorbs vibration, noise, and impact, is the ideal material for noisy bars. A bar rubber mat can cut the noise level and allow you to talk to your friends in peace.

No matter the extent of your bar hopping experience, take the word of a seasoned bar hopper to heart: enjoy your Friday nights! Look for establishments that use rubber bar flooring products to protect their guests and make your experience as fun as possible.