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Surfacing Playgrounds Rubber

Colorful Surfacing for Playgrounds Isn’t Only Decorative, It’s Safe!

Eco safety rubber playground surfacing underneath jungle gym near fenceAlmost all public park and school playground systems today are fitted with cushiony matting in bright primary colors. At first glance it may seem like the mats are just for decoration and entertainment—after all, they’re squishy and fun to jump up and down on! However, this is not the only reason that brightly colored rubber has become today’s standard surfacing for playgrounds!

The bright colors of the mats attract children and encourage them to play on the safe structures and promote physical fitness. By providing a bouncy and colorful place to play the mats keep children occupied and healthy. Playgrounds provide a space for kids to learn healthy habits and socialize with their peers. Climbing tall structures that otherwise must look like the Empire State Building also boosts their confidence and keeps them out of trouble that they might have gotten into if they had run off looking for other things to amuse themselves with!

The colorful mats can make it easier for adults to spot potentially dangerous objects, such as nails, trash, and pieces of glass. It can be hard to spot hazards like these on hard blacktop surfacing and it is nearly impossible to find them on playgrounds that are covered in sand or wood chips. Rubber surfacing for playgrounds is smooth and clean which makes spotting these harmful foreign objects easier. Loose-fill playground mulch is less attractive, messy, and can end up in kids’ pockets, shoes, and in your car and house!

Blue Eco safety Rubber Playground Surfacing under jungle gym playgroundFinally, the thick cushion of rubber makes it excellent as safety flooring for kids. Lively, playful children are always going to be acting out adventurous games and falls from playground structures are inevitable. Padded rubber is impact-resistant, meaning that it gives way to falling items and can bounce them back. Durable but soft rubber flooring can definitely help protect small heads and spines! Why pick Rubber Surfacing for Playgrounds as safety flooring for kids? Here are my top 10 reasons:

  1. Rubber flooring is colorful and fun.
  2. Ideal for School Playground Systems, it is clean and dependable.
  3. Unlike wood, rubber is durable and does not require replacement in a couple of years.
  4. Rubber floors will not end up in your shoes, car, or laundry room!
  5. Rubber flooring will not blow away with the wind!
  6. Rubber surfacing will not house insects.
  7. Rubber surfacing will not hide dirty and dangerous objects.
  8. It is eco-conscious, made from recycled tires.
  9. Our rubber tiles are interlocking “Extremely Easy to Install.”
  10. Unlike loose-fill (sand, mulch) it does not move across areas!
  11. Rubber surfacing for playgrounds is safe, safe, safe!

OK that was 11! Now that you understand a little bit more of the science behind playground matting, why don’t you take your kids out to the nearest play structure? I’m sure they would love it and it would be a great chance for you to check out that awesome rubber flooring you just learned about!