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Commercial Rubber Kitchen Floor Mat

A Rubber Kitchen Floor Mat Prevents Slips on Wayward Water and Grease!

chef standing on red interlock anti-fague kitchen matDear Rubber Floor Experts,

We need a non-slip kitchen mat. I manage a nursing home for the elderly. We have a sizeable kitchen area where we prepare food for our clients. At times, the kitchen floor gets wet, or worse, gets covered in grease. I’m concerned about the safety of my employees because sometimes, they are too swamped with food preparation that they fail to tend to a spill. There’s hasn’t been an accident yet, but I don’t want to wait for one to happen before implementing safety measures.

I need a product that would be suitable for the kitchen. It must not be susceptible to water or grease, nor should it collect pools of water or grease. Something easy to clean would be great too. Please let me know what you recommend.


Mike R. from Kansas

Dear Mike R,

red dura chef anti fatigue mat in commercial kitchen The kitchen can be a highly accident-prone area. Water splashed from the sink or dripping from wet vegetables could pool up on the floor. Wayward oil or grease from a sizzling skillet could spatter the kitchen floor. Someone walking to and fro on such a surface could slip and fall amongst hard countertops and hazardous kitchenware and appliances.

We admire that you are preempting the event of such an incident. Throwing down some a rubber kitchen floor mat is the ideal solution for your kitchen application to protect your employees. Kitchen mats made of rubber possess exceptional grip and traction even when wet or covered in grease.

As an extra measure of safety, a non-slip kitchen mat has large drainage holes throughout the mat. When some water or grease splashes on the mat, the perforations (i.e. drainage holes) allow the water or grease to remain under the mat and away from your employees’ feet. This feature is especially beneficial when your employees are hectically working and have no time to mop up the floor. We offer a variety of thicknesses in tiles and rolled rubber mats. The thicker you go, the more comfort you will provide your staff. Thicker mats that have drainage holes are also heavier, so removing and cleaning may be an issue if your staff is less inclined. For pathways and areas away from workstations we offer rolled products which are thinner, less expensive and are far easier to remove and clean…they just roll up! Whether you choose a rolled product or thicker tiles, our rubber kitchen floor mat line will not disappoint you!

When everyone finishes up in the kitchen, the rubber kitchen floor mat can be taken outside and hosed down to clean. Water and soap do not affect any of our rubber products. If your kitchen experiences excessive greases you may want to consider a rubber mat made form Nitrile. Durable and affordable, using kitchen floor mats ensures safety for your hard-working chefs.


The Rubber Flooring Experts